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Bar Bahar/ In Between – a film by Maysaloun Hamoud

I haven’t seen this film yet, though I’ve heard it received good reviews, and for once the Arabic woman stereotype is broken. For god’s sake, people around the world think that Arab women are supposed to be of one kind, but in this film, as it appears in the trailer, Arab women can live on […]

When She (Lilith) Took Me by Surprise

I must confess I was sitting idle at that time My interest lied in the smallest of matters Until that call I received About a character I haven’t truly met It took me by surprise. To get to know her To explore her reality To acknowledge her beauty And many talents I find her in […]


I would like to share a revolutionary song from Palestine. About sexism in our Arab society, and most other societies. Nothing to add, just the video. Click on settings and CC for English subtitles. Click on this link too for an article about single/ hit and the campaign #Who_You_R

I Am Not a Stereotype

Originally posted on Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit:
I am not a Stereotype Stereotypes Hurt.  No More Labels!! Women of all colors, races, religions ethnic groups and nationalities face double jeopardy. I will not be defined by the narrow conventions of your mangled mind. Me and Patti LaBelle got a new attitude. http://youtu.be/7jHToFiZuSU I…

For the International Women’s day

Translation in English follows: Originally posted on Facebook. اجا على بالي اكتب ستاتوس ليوم المرأة العالمي. رسالة لكل النساء العربيات ( عشان الستاتوس بالعربي) … كوني انت. كوني شو مبدك تكوني. مش معناتو انك صرتي اكتر من عشرين وخلصتي لقب او قربتي تخلصي يعني لازم تتجوزي. ومش عشان تجوزتي لازم تجيبي ولاد. ساوي اللي بدك […]

Her Eyes

Originally posted on Strawberry Fields:
She is a woman. A beautiful woman, full of life, she has a wild spirit of love. She dances like the waves, so delicately and gracefully. She walks like the wind, so lightly. She smiles like a child, so innocently. But her eyes, they’re tired, full of sadness, full of…

She wakes

She wakes up. Without a voice, nor a whimper. She scans the light around her eyes, she closes her eyes, and opens them again. She scans again; she sees a faint picture of people around her, admiring her innocence, her beauty and tenderness. She doesn’t make a sound, a groan or a cry. She opens […]

I am a woman

There are different occasions we urge ourselves to think about. On some occasions, we invest effort more than we usually need. I, for one, am constantly looking for a method to show off, and find attention in these sort of occasions. I am a woman.  I cannot tell if I can be defined, or if […]

What makes me what I am

I have lived in those shadows owned by others. Society has labeled me. I have no say in that. I am speechless, I cannot speak what my body urges me to shout. I roared, I am a lioness and a lion. Both, trapped in the body of a girl, who wanted to be a boy. […]

Here and There

Here, I stand alone among my shadows. These shadows no longer murmuring, The words they held years ago. I hear the echoes of destiny, Whispering, all tones of wilderness. And I, by myself, walk to the edge of the seven boundaries of the earth, climb the thirteen mountains of wisdom, and finally, fight the army […]

Colored Balloons

In the fields of colored balloons, the place we met. A space, filled with colored spirits and life. All majestic. There was a statement an assertion of faith for which I did not approve. Does it matter though? Diverse beliefs are not to be taken solemnly. After all, we both aspired to share love and […]

I congratulate myself

I have done what I needed to do.. perhaps not every item on my list, but for a while I thought I have conquered my fears. There are more to come, and I will vanquish the earth I stand upon. I will fight, shall use my armor once I lose my sword. There are more to come…I will […]