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Who teaches life?

I would like to share my opinion, once and for all. As you might have heard, three Israeli youth were first kidnapped few weeks ago and just few days ago they were found murdered. Presumably by Hamas. Let me make some introductions first. The three Israeli youth were brought up by Zionist Israeli families living […]

A House in Ma’lul

Sometimes I have this dream/thought of going to Ma’lul (the town my family was depopulated from) and build my own house (I will start with a tent of course) and let the Israeli army/country deal with it. Today is the 65th commemoration day of the Nakba , and all I can think about is that there should be […]

Our Land

It is still our land, our fields, our beauty and pride. Forcibly, they take everything, leaving us nothing but the blood of our children and brothers. Every year, or every decade, they take everything. It is their right to be secure, they claim, it is their right to be own our land, because, it was […]

Love in the Time of Apartheid

Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land and their draconian citizenship laws now threaten one of the most basic of human bonds, love. Some love stories have happy endings, others sad, but at least there’s a conclusive ending. In occupied Palestine, love stories often hover in a nervous limbo; checkpoints, racist citizenship laws, and an impossible visa […]