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Unsent Letters

We all carry a package filled with feelings. Whenever we meet a certain person, fall in love, or even just like a person; romantically or platonically. Sometimes, even at work, or at school, or anywhere, we meet people, we build a certain kind of friendship, relationship or even hostility towards or with any certain person. […]

I won’t wish you a Ramadan Karim

Originally posted on Strawberry Fields:
Every year I decide to write a post about Ramadan: either to wish my friends a Ramadan Karim, or just to criticize Ramadan. But each year I find no words to justify my thoughts and I keep postponing the task. It’s the middle of Ramadan now and here is what I…

On Friendship

Friendship will always be part of us, humans, we grow up on friendship, we live, grow old and die on/with it. Friendship is a concept that many of us has failed to comprehend, or to grasp. And yet, most of us think we know what it is. We seldom succeed in appreciating it, or appreciating […]

When you cling to the past

It is indeed advisable to get to the core of things, have a small journey to the past and understand the reasons. This journey is designed to make us read the sensible letters behind our daily decisions, and our new mistakes. The past designs us and our lives, it leaves us with marks and scars to […]

My Road to Honesty

Yes, sometimes I lie. Sometimes I hide my feelings ans thoughts. Sometimes I have to make a living out of lying and pretending I’m someone else. We’re all humans after all, we’ve been raised on lies and we’ve been lying ever since we started communicating. Over the last few years, I decided to treasure honesty […]

All is well

I think, imagine, dream, remember, and feel… all, on my skin. It all smells so filthy, yet it all should small lavender. It smells the same, all of it… all of you. And I think about it all… but again, what’s the point? Down in the gutter, it will all be… and in time, maybe after […]

Yanni and the holy land

I have been a Yanni’s fan for about 7 years. Not a long time for actual and true fans, but his music inspires me and drives me to the edges of wilderness. His music can easily be the soundtrack of my life. Perhaps my description of his influence on my life isn’t as profound as […]

السّعادة والتّعاسة

و إسا بدي بلش صفحة جديدة عن حياه جديدة، اللي ما فيها ماضي بعيد وكئيب. عشت كآبة الدنيا. مش كلها، نصها، بس كانت كآبة كاملة. كنت عم ابحث عن الكمال وأخذت الكآبة بكاملها. امرات بتسائل، شو انا سويت؟ كيف وصلت لهيك موقف؟ كيف صرت وحدة منهن، من الناس اللي ما لاقت موضوع تكتب عنّة غير […]

I’m not an Arab

I was born speaking nothing until I started speaking that Arabic tongue. My ancestors spoke a language that I cannot tell which, for I haven’t looked at a record yet – but I am told they spoke my native tongue. I live in a country that lays an emphasis on the fact that I’m a Christian, […]

Framed Fame

It was nothing but a juvenile dream, Its concept was merely lost in those fake days. Crashing the entire soul and its self-esteem. Still, passion of the immortal art held eternal grace While the white smoke cleansed the signing air; All polluted with fine roses and unaging desires. My foes and allies amused themselves with […]

She wakes

She wakes up. Without a voice, nor a whimper. She scans the light around her eyes, she closes her eyes, and opens them again. She scans again; she sees a faint picture of people around her, admiring her innocence, her beauty and tenderness. She doesn’t make a sound, a groan or a cry. She opens […]

Here and There

Here, I stand alone among my shadows. These shadows no longer murmuring, The words they held years ago. I hear the echoes of destiny, Whispering, all tones of wilderness. And I, by myself, walk to the edge of the seven boundaries of the earth, climb the thirteen mountains of wisdom, and finally, fight the army […]