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Constant race

We live in a constant race. Race with time, people, life, achievements and and self improvement. Why? Why can’t we just relax, and think about happiness for one moment? Happiness is also a race. Who’s happier? Who’s living their lives to the fullest? Who travels more? Who parties more? Who attends all of the events […]

27, almost an adult (30)

In few days I’m turning 27. It’s 27, not 26 or 25. 27 is close to 30. I mentioned before that I don’t care about age, and I even cannot wait to be 30. But somehow, thinking about turning 27, getting closer to 30, made me ponder over my age and who I am right […]

I’m no beggar

Check out my writing here He was a little boy cannot be more than ten years old. as beautiful as an angel, with a hidden smile on his face, looking at all the colors of the street, at all the faces of the nation. He holds nice balloons of different shapes and colors. “Buy my […]

You’re Alone

It’s a lovely feeling. To be surrounded by many people, and yet feel more than usually alone. Be alienated from people, and everyone that can be found in the room, the street, the restaurant and the cafe. You are by your self, or accompanied. You interact and converse, but still, you are more than alone, […]