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Adonis – Bent El Hawa (song)

Why is it that when we’re young dreams are still allowed? When we’re young we’re allowed to dream and talk about our dreams. No matter how ridiculous they are, we’re allowed to love, be passionate and talk about our dreams.  Wish I can go back in time, and dream more. Without any shame. 

Time to stop , in the middle.

A young girl foolish naive. Living in a world of deceit. Looking for escapades. Reckless, not adventurous. Rebellious by heart, not by mind. Hungry for passion… It’s time to stop! But no… one last time. Or more last times. More… last times. Stop. This satanic notorious habit. Take a stand. act. Save yourself, young and foolish […]

Her Eyes

Originally posted on Strawberry Fields:
She is a woman. A beautiful woman, full of life, she has a wild spirit of love. She dances like the waves, so delicately and gracefully. She walks like the wind, so lightly. She smiles like a child, so innocently. But her eyes, they’re tired, full of sadness, full of…

Being told what to read

We all take pleasure in recommending a book or two. We enjoy reading about book recommendations on the internet, in a magazine or newspaper. We eagerly open our ears to hear and we then read about new releases, then run and read the book ourselves. We take each page in a time, we get all […]

Write Myself

If I choose to write myself, will I be writing my body along the way? Am I obliged to write my soul as well? Can I write what is on my current mind instead? And forget the memory of the rest? I have never wrote about the soul? It was never part of my being, […]

Straketch: Write yourself

I’m thrilled to introduce the new Straketch : Write yourself. And I would like to invite every person who wants to write and explore what’s within. No one has to be a professional writer to start composing and experiencing a world of magic. I’m not a professional writer or a good writer for that matter, […]

Loneliness of July

(I wrote this two years ago.) By exploring her beliefs and strength she came to realize that she was alone. While being alone no one cared to show her the path to the idealized harmony with society. However, she found a progressive harmony with nature. Nature seems to disobey her demands, while her desires were […]

She was his true love

“You have her, you’ve never lost her.” He said, “You don’t know her value.” He has fell in love with her ever since he can remember. He has always loved her and had only met her few times in his life. She is his dream, his passion and his inspiration. He has loved no one but her. […]

Nature Spoke at Last

Nature spoke at last, with sufficiency and pride: the world needs agony and affliction to survive and endure. The wind wailed, to fight for its liberty. The trees danced, preparing for a battle, to bring back their throne. The grass are asleep beneath the trees, peaceful and tranquil. The flowers dressed in white, blooming, waiting […]

I Have Not Loved you

A poem I wrote last year on April. And sharing it here again today for Valentine’s day – my most miserable day of the year, and I sense this year won’t be no exception.  Enjoy. It was an experiment indeed I did not care what you feel You were nothing but a man I shared intimacy […]

Anna Karenina

I have shared a new post on my blog about my experience with the new adaptation for Anna Karenina. Click here for the post

My Judas

Peace on Thursday night ; with Holiness, greatness, and mysteries. Last supper it was; our secret night, My Judas. Only for us, together. Remember what I gave you my Judas. That night I gave you all: My trust, my devotion, my love, my all. I served you my blood, (did you taste it?) I gave […]