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Adele, Fairouz, and the Arab World

The new song “Hello” by Adele came out and everyone fell completely in love with it. Some others were annoyed by people’s obsession and decided to complain each time they hear it or see it on their Facebook feed. I personally liked the song and I think Adele has an amazing voice. Reasons why people are so […]


I would like to share a revolutionary song from Palestine. About sexism in our Arab society, and most other societies. Nothing to add, just the video. Click on settings and CC for English subtitles. Click on this link too for an article about single/ hit and the campaign #Who_You_R

A letter from Palestine

Originally posted on Daliya Falasteen:
Dear World, I know you don’t have a check point next to your house And that you don’t have to carry an ID on every step you make. ? I know that you are not forbidden from the sun nor the sea And that  you are not forbidden from living…

I’m not an Arab

I was born speaking nothing until I started speaking that Arabic tongue. My ancestors spoke a language that I cannot tell which, for I haven’t looked at a record yet – but I am told they spoke my native tongue. I live in a country that lays an emphasis on the fact that I’m a Christian, […]

A Visit to the Mill

Originally posted on Arwa's Gallery:
A visit

Omar – from Palestine to the Oscars

“Omar” by the Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad, is a film about resistance, honor, and freedom. I can certainly be glad to hear about its nomination for the Academy Awards. A nomination for a Palestinian film is always an honor, and one cannot but support this triumph, and feel honored that this film can be a […]

I’m no beggar

Check out my writing here He was a little boy cannot be more than ten years old. as beautiful as an angel, with a hidden smile on his face, looking at all the colors of the street, at all the faces of the nation. He holds nice balloons of different shapes and colors. “Buy my […]

A House in Ma’lul

Sometimes I have this dream/thought of going to Ma’lul (the town my family was depopulated from) and build my own house (I will start with a tent of course) and let the Israeli army/country deal with it. Today is the 65th commemoration day of the Nakba , and all I can think about is that there should be […]

Church – Ma’lul (Palestine)

These were pictures from our depopulated town Ma’lul – Palestine. for more pictures and photography visit my actual web site here