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From Rome with Love

I just wanted to share pictures from my last trip to the magical city of Rome. Because I don’t have enough money and time, I hardly ever travel. So yes, I’m making a huge deal out of my trip to Rome. It was a spectacular visit. I took many pictures with my DSLR camera, but […]

27, almost an adult (30)

In few days I’m turning 27. It’s 27, not 26 or 25. 27 is close to 30. I mentioned before that I don’t care about age, and I even cannot wait to be 30. But somehow, thinking about turning 27, getting closer to 30, made me ponder over my age and who I am right […]

Getting Old, or just Older.

“Can I just stay 25!!!” among the things some people say who are growing beyond the age of 25. I personally always reply “I can’t wait to my thirties.” which sounds ridiculous and out of place. But I always say that to allow people to know that there is much more than age, and growing […]

Birthday cake

I just thought of sharing this photo of the cake I had 3 days before my birthday. I’m turning 25 on Monday. I still haven’t done any of the things I was supposed to do before the age of 25. It’s 25, it’s not 15, it’s not 18, hell, it’s not even 20 or 22. […]

19 Signs You’re Too Old For This Crap

“Instead of doing things, how about we don’t do things?” source : buzzfeed 1. You cannot understand why anyone would go to a crushingly overcrowded bar. On purpose. That does not make sense. 3. Waiting in an infinity-long line for food is not happening. You stick with your favorite spot, “Any Place Without a Line.” 5. Any concert […]

Life In Your Early Twenties Vs. Your Late Twenties

From Buzzfeed It’s hell getting old. Well, not always. Somehow I feel like I’m already in my late 20s.  Early twenties: the morning after four drinks. Source: youtube.com Late twenties:   Source: Tumblr.com Trying to lose five pounds, early twenties: no problem! Source: Tumblr.com Late twenties: Bye-bye, metabolism! Source: Tumblr.com Early twenties: finding out someone was gossiping about you.  Source: Tumblr.com […]