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New year with hope?

It was half an hour after midnight, the beginning of the year. After all the firework and the firework. Oh there were plenty, and they were close and loud too. After three glasses of champagne, and a few other glasses of sparkling wine, I was out for a ride. No, I wasn’t driving. It was […]

Christmas for Atheists

Christmas is a holiday that beats all holidays around the world. And it doesn’t matter how much you can argue, Christmas remains the most magical holiday of all times.  I was brought up in a Christian house, and surely Christmas was and still is  part of our winter holiday season. Even though we live in […]

Christmas Eve (pt.1)

I would like to dedicate this post for wishing all my readers/subscribers/followers a very merry Christmas. There is nothing I can add except that I wish you all don’t feel as gloomy as I am. Even though I shouldn’t, I have my friends and family by my side. Sometimes I wish Christmas wasn’t such a […]

A thousand candle for a thousand martyr

Ever since the genocide started in Gaza almost three weeks ago, hundreds of civilians are dying every day. Yes, we’re counting, and they’ve reached 1390 last time I checked today. Almost 1400 martyrs and around 8000 injured. I don’t know about you, but this number torments me. These aren’t just numbers, these are souls of […]

Nazareth at Twilight

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A Visit to the Mill

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A visit

Nazareth (February)

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I don’t always go for a photography day in Nazareth, but when I do, I try. Pictures taken from the Salesian Church (Don Bosco).  

Christmas Market – Nazareth #2

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    Picture of the Christmas Market – day #5 -Friday (unfortunately I couldn’t attend all other days). In this post there are pictures of the tree, Nazareth (and Basilica of Annunciation), Sama band performing (I took more shots of one guitar player simply because he’s my cousin). Enjoy.

Christmas Market – Nazareth #1

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Christmas Market day #1 and lighting the Christmas Tree in Nazareth.        

صباح ومسا

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Love in the Time of Apartheid

Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land and their draconian citizenship laws now threaten one of the most basic of human bonds, love. Some love stories have happy endings, others sad, but at least there’s a conclusive ending. In occupied Palestine, love stories often hover in a nervous limbo; checkpoints, racist citizenship laws, and an impossible visa […]