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Poetry is life ☘

From the Dead Poets Society. Photo Collage from  wallflowerbloom (found on The FB page Book Mania)

The Fault in Our Stars

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”  Julius Caesar (I, ii, 140-141) I just opened my kindle to check the highlights and the notes I had for the novel The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. It turns out I read the book more than a year ago, […]

Alternative Reality

I have seen this clip/movie a week ago and then I’ve noticed that everyone on Facebook is sharing it. It is a share-worthy video. Reality: women are harassed every day when raped it is their fault. If it’s not the case and I’m exaggerating, then please pay a visit to the middle east. Surly a […]

Omar – from Palestine to the Oscars

“Omar” by the Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad, is a film about resistance, honor, and freedom. I can certainly be glad to hear about its nomination for the Academy Awards. A nomination for a Palestinian film is always an honor, and one cannot but support this triumph, and feel honored that this film can be a […]

15 Interesting Facts about Harry Potter


Jane Eyre

So yesterday I re-watched the 2011 adaptation of Jane Eyre, and I think it was the first time I’ve cried while watching one of the adaptations of this story. I’m usually touched by the story and my heart beats when Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester confess their love for the first time, but this time […]

Article: 22 Rules of Storytelling by a Pixar Storyboard Artist

22 Rules of Storytelling by a Pixar Storyboard Artist http://laughingsquid.com/22-rules-of-storytelling-by-a-pixar-storyboard-artist/

Anna Karenina

I have shared a new post on my blog about my experience with the new adaptation for Anna Karenina. Click here for the post

The Hobbit

I have finally had the chance to watch “The Hobbit”, or perhaps one can refer to it as The Film of the Season/Year. “The Hobbit” as many of you should know is based on the Fantasy novel by Tolkien with the same title. This novel is a prequel novel for Lord of the Rings, it’s […]