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Birthday cake

I just thought of sharing this photo of the cake I had 3 days before my birthday. I’m turning 25 on Monday. I still haven’t done any of the things I was supposed to do before the age of 25. It’s 25, it’s not 15, it’s not 18, hell, it’s not even 20 or 22. […]

15 Interesting Facts about Harry Potter


13 Utterly Disappointing Facts About Books

Source 1. In a 2012 survey, almost a fifth of children said they would be “embarrassed” if a friend saw them with a book…. Source: flickr.com 2. …and 54% of those questioned said they preferred watching TV to reading. Here’s the study from the National Literary Trust. Source: flickr.com 3. Fifty Shades of Grey is now the best-selling book of all time […]