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Adonis – Bent El Hawa (song)

Why is it that when we’re young dreams are still allowed? When we’re young we’re allowed to dream and talk about our dreams. No matter how ridiculous they are, we’re allowed to love, be passionate and talk about our dreams.  Wish I can go back in time, and dream more. Without any shame. 

When a door closes _

I’m not usually an optimistic person, I’m very pessimistic and I complain most of the time. But throughout the years I’ve learned that many things don’t work out as we plan, and yet we shouldn’t lose hope. When things don’t work out as we plan them, or imagine them, they don’t turn out necessarily better. […]

It’s Christmas Today -a poem from 2012

Dear readers, I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and hopeful new year. I would like to take this opportunity to share a poem I wrote and share every single year on Christmas, just because it means a lot to me. I wrote it in times of agony […]

Christmas 2015

It has been years, and nothing has changed. Nothing is new to brag about it. And nothing is significant to fulfill that hole I have been carrying for years. I carry many holes, my soul is hollow and I have no plans or milestones to fill them with. I waste my time looking for materials, I’m […]

This is why I’m not going to wish you a Happy New Year

A beautiful piece written by my dear friend Sawsan.

It’s Christmas today – a poem

I wrote this poem two years ago on Christmas day (on my previous blog). I was going through tough times back then and I was feeling different than today/this year. I sent this poem to some of my friends and they thought it is sad and they didn’t like it. Of course they didn’t. One […]

If You Haven’t Worked a Day in Your Life, You Probably Don’t Love Anything

I wake up from dreams

Every morning, I wake up from dreams… Dreams of my past, haunting me, penetrating my soul… torturing me. I know these dreams, I know their closure… I know their answers. Yet, I am puzzled, by my present. In those dreams, I hear his voice… fierce and cold. Painful. He is gone. These dreams, mixture: of […]

Lying in the Dark

We were lying there in the dark. Thinking. Again,  about mistakes, Things we should have said, Tears we should have held, Vows we should have kept. In the dark we didn’t stop thinking, about those flickers of light That passed in the streets, Late at night, Very late, In the dead night, There everything was […]