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I’m not an Arab (pt.2)

I’m not an Arab. Because if I were an Arab I would have to Muslim, I would have to wear the Hijab and pray five times a day. I’m not an Arab. If I were an Arab I would have to speak Arabic all the time and even write this post in Arabic, like all […]

I’m not an Arab

I was born speaking nothing until I started speaking that Arabic tongue. My ancestors spoke a language that I cannot tell which, for I haven’t looked at a record yet – but I am told they spoke my native tongue. I live in a country that lays an emphasis on the fact that I’m a Christian, […]

Straketch will no longer be a personal blog

Original post here Less than a year ago I decided to convert my blog (straketch.com) into a magazine, a cultural magazine about literature, art and what’s related. I was slightly encouraged and thus I have kept postponing it until I have completely forgotten. I am passionate about literature and art, I am passionate about so […]

Social Life

I’ve tried writing a poem about social life and networks (on the internet and off the internet). I’m not very much pleased with what I have written but here it is: You want people to know you exist, Cannot be captured in that mist, (the mist appeared lovely from far away though) There is that […]

Life In Your Early Twenties Vs. Your Late Twenties

From Buzzfeed It’s hell getting old. Well, not always. Somehow I feel like I’m already in my late 20s.  Early twenties: the morning after four drinks. Source: youtube.com Late twenties:   Source: Tumblr.com Trying to lose five pounds, early twenties: no problem! Source: Tumblr.com Late twenties: Bye-bye, metabolism! Source: Tumblr.com Early twenties: finding out someone was gossiping about you.  Source: Tumblr.com […]

Nothing About Them

I have known nothing about them I have been living in a misty cave for hundreds of years I have been trapped in a reality that was not my own I have known nothing but the sweet darkness and the faint glimmer of the stars I have not seen the eyes the minds and the […]

I’m an Arab

What makes me an Arab? The fact that I speak Arabic? Or that I’m a middle eastern? Or that my origin is Arab? There are a lot of questions I have to ask concerning my identity. A lot of issues with accepting my reality. Yet,  all I know that I am a person,  who can […]

Church – Ma’lul (Palestine)

These were pictures from our depopulated town Ma’lul – Palestine. for more pictures and photography visit my actual web site here