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A Wedding in my Village

I should have written this two weeks ago, but here you go: There is a wedding in my village For the first time What an honor What a privilege There is a wedding in my village In our own village In our own church The only church The only standing building A charming chapel Plain […]

One after another

Here it goes again one lie after the other And here they go again, every single feeling I have left. Just by walking down the street, I see your lies, in an empty carousel. The history of only five years, flashing in front my eyes, in just a mere moment. Those five years felt like only five weeks. […]

My October

It happens early or just earlier than  expected. The first drops of rain I learned to hate through the years. But this is the time my own month to feel cheer.   It will take up another year to bring back the heat I had during summer time. I wrote songs of love and freedom […]

Her Eyes

Originally posted on Strawberry Fields:
She is a woman. A beautiful woman, full of life, she has a wild spirit of love. She dances like the waves, so delicately and gracefully. She walks like the wind, so lightly. She smiles like a child, so innocently. But her eyes, they’re tired, full of sadness, full of…

Framed Fame

It was nothing but a juvenile dream, Its concept was merely lost in those fake days. Crashing the entire soul and its self-esteem. Still, passion of the immortal art held eternal grace While the white smoke cleansed the signing air; All polluted with fine roses and unaging desires. My foes and allies amused themselves with […]

Great artists/creators

I find myself caught in this moment in which I will have to decide what kind of creator  I wish to become, the good and successful or the loser? the proud or the humble? We choose to write for glory and love, instead of misery and humblness. Creators nowadays are to be proud, thus they […]

Here and There

Here, I stand alone among my shadows. These shadows no longer murmuring, The words they held years ago. I hear the echoes of destiny, Whispering, all tones of wilderness. And I, by myself, walk to the edge of the seven boundaries of the earth, climb the thirteen mountains of wisdom, and finally, fight the army […]

The Motherhood Short Story Competition 2014

Originally posted on Being Feminist:
About the Competition The Motherhood Short Story Competition has been founded by Egyptian writer Mahmoud Mansi, the founder of The Forgotten Writers Project, and in cooperation with the Being Feminist. Therefore, we – (Being Feminist & The Forgotten Writers Foundation) are honored to launch this global project together. The chief…

Colored Balloons

In the fields of colored balloons, the place we met. A space, filled with colored spirits and life. All majestic. There was a statement an assertion of faith for which I did not approve. Does it matter though? Diverse beliefs are not to be taken solemnly. After all, we both aspired to share love and […]

Write Myself

If I choose to write myself, will I be writing my body along the way? Am I obliged to write my soul as well? Can I write what is on my current mind instead? And forget the memory of the rest? I have never wrote about the soul? It was never part of my being, […]

Introducing myself as a poet

I have written quite a number of poems so far. Unfortunately I couldn’t count them, some of them I’ve lost, others I couldn’t publish (or forgot to publish), and others are still there, hanging. I do tell people I write poetry, I do tell people I enjoy it and that I still practice it. When […]

give me a present by writing

As some of you might have heard it’s my birthday today. And I love gifts, I really do. If you think you might like me and want to give me a present for my birthday, as I am requesting now, you can go to my website, join and write. My website: Straketch, is a place […]