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Tick-tock The clock is ticking A day Few hours Few minutes Until the big day The big day is by all means Not my wedding Not The big day But my big day My birthday! The day I turn 29 Twenty nine My twenties are almost over I only have one last year And then […]

This month I turned 28

October is a very important month for me: mainly because during this month, on the 13th, it’s my birthday. I never had the opportunity to have a very special celebration for my birthday. I always celebrate my birthday with few friends and some members of my family. I don’t have many friends, I know many […]

27, almost an adult (30)

In few days I’m turning 27. It’s 27, not 26 or 25. 27 is close to 30. I mentioned before that I don’t care about age, and I even cannot wait to be 30. But somehow, thinking about turning 27, getting closer to 30, made me ponder over my age and who I am right […]

Birthday cake

I just thought of sharing this photo of the cake I had 3 days before my birthday. I’m turning 25 on Monday. I still haven’t done any of the things I was supposed to do before the age of 25. It’s 25, it’s not 15, it’s not 18, hell, it’s not even 20 or 22. […]

give me a present by writing

As some of you might have heard it’s my birthday today. And I love gifts, I really do. If you think you might like me and want to give me a present for my birthday, as I am requesting now, you can go to my website, join and write. My website: Straketch, is a place […]

Happy Birthday to me

  Since I’ve got nothing to do… I just have a birthday for myself today. How should I celebrate? Perhaps I should go somewhere quiet and work for a bit. Write some interesting stuff and enjoy my day with myself (since I’m somehow friendless lately).