September First

So September started, and kids are now going back to school.

If I was a teacher, I’d be going back to school with them. Perhaps differently as we’re still in the times of Corona. Perhaps, I’d be teaching from home, but still, it would be the beginning of the school year, and I would feel anxious and unprepared.

If I don’t check my calendar, I wouldn’t notice that today is the first of September. Today is like any other day, I’m still working from home, every single day. Side note: I feel a bit differently about WFH now. It’s still comfortable, but I feel empty and  lazy.

This morning I overslept, but forced myself to wake up so I won’t miss my scheduled call with my boss. Other than the first of the month being payday, nothing is special about the first of September. It’s just a day for me.

But let me contradict myself:
The first of the September is the gate of beginnings. While it can be the end of the summer, it starts preparing for the beginning of the Autumn/Fall. The beginning of the year, or the fiscal year. It’s the end of the Jewish year, the end of Summer misery. And perhaps as time moves forward, we can start seeing an end to this pandemic.

It’s always great to move forward in time. As time goes by, or even flies, you can move on, and start new goals, new life style, and achieve more.
September is just a milestone, but it appears as a significant one.

This is just an image – a picture I took a few days ago from Stella Maris, Haifa

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