My week in London

So my dream came true and I finally visited London.

I arrived on Tuesday, November 5th, and stayed in a hotel in Russel Square. This is among the very few times I traveled by myself. And it was quite the experience. I normally feel more comfortable travelling with a friend or family, but in doing so, I can’t focus on activities I would enjoy by myself.

Though I planned to go to London by myself, I found myself in the company of friends that I knew from back home, and others I wanted to meet for the first time. I couldn’t feel lonely at all. It’s true I spent few days by myself, but they were filled with activities.

On the night of my arrival, after resting for two hours, I went to watch the Lion King on stage. Though exhausted, I loved it. I felt horrible that I needed to sleep, it was a great production that I completely enjoyed. The acting, the dancing, the singing, and the overall performance was exquisite and exotic. It was enriched with tribal African culture that you wont see in the Disney productions of the Lion King.

I spent the entire next morning resting and taking care of my headache and dizziness before heading out to the next stage production, which I was eager to see. I had four hours to spend in my hotel room, just resting, because the stage production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was about 4 hours and a half long, with breaks. This show is broken down to two parts, each is two hours and a half, with 20 minutes break in both, and three hours between the two. Though long and I did feel bit tired at the end, I didn’t want it to end at all. I went back to my hotel completely obsessed.
When I first read the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I wasn’t truthfully impressed, it resembled any fan fiction story you’d read online, but more polished. But the theatrical performance and dialogues were in place, and the whole production was awe-inspiring and magical. It takes you back to the world of Harry Potter, the characters, the bond, the magic, the delight and the agony of it all. I felt compelled to buy another ticket (expensive) for the following week, but decided to calm down, and move on.

I also went to the Harry Potter studio tour/experience two days later. During the tour I had the thorough pleasure to exclusively see the sets, props, and costumes that were used in the Harry Potter film series. And because I took the fully guided tour, I learned in-depth about the making of the movies and the use of the sets, props, and costumes that I saw.

During the remaining days I had the pleasure to go to a few touristic attractions, alone or with company. When I was alone I could see more, when I was with friends, I enjoyed the fun of the company. I hope to see the people I met there again. I hope to visit London again very soon, to see everything else I missed.

London is such a great city that one week is not at all enough to see the most important locations. I’ve heard people saying that it takes two months to see everything there is to see in London. It’s a city full of culture, history, architecture, parks/nature, entertainment, and life. I felt that I can do anything there, and can easily navigate my way and use the underground metro. The only problem is probably the weather, it was cold, but perhaps one can get used to it.

I felt sad to leave, but cheerful and hopeful that I will go back again in the future.

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