Shofouni Ya Nas / Look at me, people.

So I had a conversation with my friend about something I posted on Instagram, and we stopped for a bit, to discuss the answer to her question why I’m more active on Instagram than Facebook. 

I want to clarify something first, if we’re active on social networks, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, for another purpose than advertising, we’re seeking attention. 

If I have to promote something, such as a business, then you can justify your not-seeking-attention kind of personality on the social network, but if you just share a random picture of a concert, food, cafe, travelling place, view, or yourself, then you are by all means seeking attention. And we all do it. We all want to be seen, we all want to remain relevant. 

I do it. Even though my friend stated that I don’t like to be active on Facebook, but I only share “interesting”, or “funny” pictures on Instagram, I still want attention: shofouni ya nas (look at me, people). We want to be seen out there, we want to remain relevant, otherwise, we’re unknown entities leading a dull empty life, with no passion, no stamp, and no recognition. 

Even if we hardly have anyone following us on our social network accounts, and everyone there is just friends and family, among those people, we still have a few to whom we want to show off our lives or daily achievements.

Additionally, we want to show off our filtered looks. We want our frenemies, our exes, or even our crushes (if they’re still following us) to see our fabulous lives. 

Back to answer my friend’s question, why am I more active on Instagram than Facebook? Perhaps to justify everything I said above: To show off my filtered life, in pictures.

I look a hot bad-ass riding a bike in this picture. The truth behind it is different.

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