When I tried Scuba Diving

I’m scared of the underwater world. I love looking at the sea, I enjoy swimming, and relaxing, but when it comes to looking inside, clearly, I freak out. It’s another world for me. It’s outer space.

I was merely trying to enjoy my vacation in Taba, Sinai, when I was tempted to try scuba diving. It was a session of 25 minutes: relax, enjoy, and focus on breathing and also equalizing.

Here are some pictures, don’t I look funny, and awesome.

Honestly, I wasn’t scared, but after less than 20 minutes I started feeling tired, and the pressure on my ears started growing. I failed at equalizing the ears, and felt uncomfortable. When I came back to the shore, I was shivering. Maybe it was cold, or maybe it was quite the experience. Either ways, I was disoriented.

I loved seeing the under water world. I would do it again, in a different ocean, but I’ll be prepared.

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