Election day: voting is a necessity

I know I’m not the most politically educated person, and I know that everything I say in this post will be used against me in many different aspects. The situation in Israeli is messed up in a way that every time you try to state an opinion, you get lashed out, and decide to stay out of it, or keep your opinion to yourself.

Yesterday was the election day in Israel, and like every year, the majority of the votes go to the fascist right – mostly just to Bibi Netanyahu.

The majority of the Palestinians Citizens in Israel did not vote. Some were indifferent and disliked the Arab representatives, and many others decided to boycott the elections. They decided to boycott the elections because: 1, The elections is for the Knesset, and the Keneset being a Zionist legislature does not represent us. 2, Whilst the majority of the Palestinians cannot vote, we, the ones who can vote for owning citizenship in Israel, should not vote until justice is served. 3, By voting, we’re showing the world that this a democracy, while obviously it’s not. 4. Boycotting, like the BDS movement can place pressure on the Knesset, etc.

Many years ago, I thought the boycott movement makes a lot of sense, and I could easily understand where it comes from. I felt that as a Palestinian, it’s my duty to boycott. Though knowing that there will never be justice, I can’t stand the idea of voting to something that cannot in any way represent me, or provide any sense of justice. Now I’m a different person, and I feel that boycotting does not make sense anymore. And it’s our duty, as a minority and an oppressed entity, to vote. We have few fair Arab representatives we can vote for, and the more seats they get inside the Knesset, the better for us. They won’t solve all of our problems, and like every year, they’re unable to fight and win against injustice, but no one can truly helps us.

Israel is a strong country, and would not be pressured in doing anything, unless there’s a global intervention. Those who decided to boycott the elections will not be addressed in anyway, and while they still in Israel, like us, they still have to fight for their rights as a minority group, and fight their way to live a comfortable life against prejudice and racism. In Israel, they don’t care if you decided to boycott the election, they’ll take this as an excuse to show the world that you had the right to vote, but decided not to. At least, if we vote and grant our Arab representatives some seats in the Knesset, we’ll guarantee that there’s someone out there trying vote against the racist laws. Because if we don’t have any representative out there, we have nothing, and we won’t have anything. This country is fucking powerful and will use every mean to drive us out of it, and out of our lands. They easily say “You don’t like it, get the fuck out of here.”

Arab members of the Knesset have more impact than us on the legislation. They are indeed ignored, and don’t truly have any impact, but honestly, we’re in a situation that we would rather have anything rather than nothing. We live in a very racist country that treats us like tamed dogs who were beasts. But we’re not truly a threat to them, we don’t have any power.

We can either boycott, pretend we did the right thing, and let the country continue with its racist acts and crimes, or we can keep fighting to live a decent life between those who hate us, and want us to fail.

Note: Obviously I’m writing this post late, hours after election day has ended. And now that the results are out, there’s nothing I can say or add, except, May God help us. Or whomever or whatever out there, help us.

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