The Ten years challenge

I can easily just post a picture of myself in 2009, and another one from today, but why is that a challenge? “I challenge you to show a picture of you ten years ago!” I honestly don’t recall having any real embarrassing pictures of myself ten years ago, but I could find myself in a situation I would be embarrassed of my personality ten years ago.

Ten years ago I was still 19, somewhat studying at the University, still living at my parents house, with absolutely no idea what I should do in my life. I enjoyed part of my studies, but had no idea what would happen afterwards.

Now, I’m 29, still no idea what I should do in my life, but now I live alone and I work. That is a challenge, or a goal, which ten years ago I would have set for myself.

I’ve seen lots of pictures on the social network of many situations that have drastically changed over the past ten years, most of them for the worse. Thy’re all affected by climate change, environment, war, power, etc. And the real challenge is to improve our world in ten years from now.

That is the real challenge, to work hard to make our lives better, and make an impact on the world, or ourselves.

Ten years ago I was afraid that I wouldn’t achieve anything great now. And reflecting on what happened in the past ten years, I changed a lot, I went through a lot, and I’ve done a lot. I’m not the same person, I grew out of my nest, and out of my parents’ house, I grew out of my hometown, and into a world I wanted. I went through horrid experience that made me appreciate the life I have right now, and aspire to live happily in a place I can make happy. Indeed I didn’t live abroad like I always dreamed, but I have many years to see if I can try, or not, as long as I can live a good life.

My challenge now is to reflect on my current life, and change it for the better in ten years. I want to be healthier, more pleasant, caring about other people and the environment, more hard working, and of course happier. If my appearances remain the same or improve in ten years, it would be nice. But I need to feel great about myself. Otherwise, I would feel that I wasted another ten years.

As for the environment, you can call me pessimistic, but I don’t have much hope. I want to do my best to save and improve our environment, but people like me are not as many and they’re alone in this world. The majority of the inhabitants of this earth are greedy, selfish and ignorant, and there’s nothing we can do to change that. We just have to find a way to live in this world with them.

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