Women can do any job

I found this on UN Women page on Instagram, and I thought it’s worth sharing:

Women and girls can do any job–and as we progress into the future, they continue to defy gender roles in various male-dominated industries. .
Like many young, educated Lebanese women today, Sandy is creating new and innovative opportunities for self-employment by tapping into Lebanon’s growing market for locally-made artisanal goods. As a member and partial owner of a Beirut-based artisan cooperative, Sandy has access to a shared studio space and collectively-owned equipment.

I once had this discussion with an old friend. She claimed that women cannot do men’s job. She believed that men and women are extremely different and women are not designed to even consider doing a job that is defined for men.

Of course, my old friend wanted to become a trophy wife, which didn’t work out for her, and I have no idea what she believes in now.

I personally believe that women can do any man’s job, and excel at it. Women are different, and each one of them has a different interest. Just because they grew up thinking that their main job is getting married and raising their kids, it doesn’t mean that they actually grow up believing it’s what they want to do in their life.

Women have the choice to do any job they find intriguing and challenging. We need to educate young girls that they have more options, and that nothing can stop them from pursuing a career in anything they want or dream of.

As for men, they need to understand that girls can, they can do anything they want or set their heart on. And they should let them.

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  1. I believe women have the right to any job, regardless of whether it’s traditionally done by men.

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