2018 resolutions review

Last year I wrote some resolutions, which I updated in March, and now I think it’s the time to review those resolutions, and evaluate my performance in 2018. You see, I sound professional. Let’s hope I can excel in keeping some resolutions this year too.

So here’s a list of the resolutions I updated last year. In Bold, I’ll write my review/comment/update.

1. Lose weight (and workout more).Only work out when I can make time, and just try to be healthy.  -> and I’m still trying.
2. No more wasting money on clothes (which don’t fit me that well).Be smarter about clothes. I don’t need many, but it’s okay to buy clothes that are appropriate and comfortable. -> Not when there’re sales.
3. Study more. Just a bit more. -> I quit from the university, so no more studying.
4. Go out less. (it’s not like I go out a lot, and it’s not like I’m missing anything out there). -> accomplished.
5. Reduce the number of my friends. Not all of them are worth it (no worries, my friends don’t really read my blog). -> accomplished too.
6. Travel. Really, even when I have no one to travel with.It’s okay not to be able to travel when because I can’t. Can’t force myself to travel when I don’t have money, time or the right companionship. I can always travel in the future, but can’t force myself to travel for the sake of travelling (and then show off on the social network) -> accomplished.
7. Don’t date. At all. Unless they prove their worth.The right person will come up when you’re least expecting. In the meantime, I have other stuff to worry about. ->no comment
8. Write more in this blog. -> in progress.

Summary: Successful year I believe.

I also added the following traits:

1. Be kinder

2. Be patient

3. Get to know myself

This year I want to add to this traits list: 4. Be hopeful.

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