Feminism: we still need it

I had a friend (had, not have) who used to say that feminism is overrated, and that considers that prioritizing women empowerment has become an obsession. 

He’s not the only modern modern, liberated, even educated man who has ever said that. Many men nowadays are frustrated by feminism, they claim it’s hardcore, and they strongly believe that feminism is about making women stronger than men, and beating them at everything. They believe that women ask to either live in a world without men, or rule men. They don’t believe that equality between the genders is based on real social crisis. They believe that you can’t ask for equal treatment when the two genders are not the same. Well, obviously, they’re not the same, women and men are different, but that doesn’t mean that we have to raise girls believing that they can never be treated the same as men, or aim for a job that by social standards is designed for men. 

I’m not going to talk about gender roles and stereotypes in this post. But the notion that feminism is overrated is not just rude, but also cruel. 

At the end of 2018, we still need feminism, now more than ever for at least one big reason: murder and rape. I’m not saying that only women are murdered, but the main reason why women are killed has nothing to do with just murder. Women are still murdered based on family honor, or just for the pleasure of hating them, followed by raping them. Why do we still discuss this matter? why do we still hear about this matter. 

For the past two days my Facebook feeds was filled with news of a sixteen-year-old girl from a village up north who went missing last week, and they found her dead body yesterday or the day before yesterday. Many rumors say that she raped and then her body was chopped and disposed in a garbage, etc. But one thing for certain, she was murdered. 

Why should she be murdered? she’s just sixteen. So young and innocent. She was still in school, the whole world was in front of her. From the pictures they posted of her, she looked so beautiful, sweet and innocent. I’ve known many girls like her at that village (I spent many summers in that village when I was young, and I grew attached to it). 

Her name is Yara. May her soul rest in peace. 

She’s not the only young girl that is being murdered. She’s not the only woman that is being murdered. Every year the number of murders of women increases. Many of them are because of the family honor, but not in every situation. Women are not only weakened, but also under attack, most of the time. No woman is safe nowadays. Why should we live in fear whenever we want to go out. 

Why women have become target for shooting? Is that a sport that now men practice nowadays? rape and kill? What’s next? rape, kill, chop and perhaps eat for dinner? It’s becoming outrageous, why are they still killing women? why do men hate women so much? 

It’s not only murder, it’s also violence. Women must endure physical and verbal violence from men on daily basis. It’s like women must live every day attempting to protect themselves from such attacks. Why don’t they teach boys how to be decent human beings? 

Our campaigns nowadays should focus on boys and men education, rather than just empowering women (which remains extremely crucial and a priority). Our society needs to educate boys to be decent. I’m trying to find another term for decent, but I suppose it starts with decency. Boys should be taught how to respect women as their equal in this world. By saying all that, I don’t mean to say that boys should be taught that they’re the savior of women, or their knights. They are their companions and friends, not their victims. 

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