Not Your Toy / No occupation

“Not Your Toy” is a hit song by an Israeli singer that won at the Eurovision this year. The song supposedly deals with Chauvinism, which sounds like something I’d like to hear, but the tunes aren’t really that great. It’s a catchy pop song though.

Israelis enjoy fighting racism, chauvinism, and try to advocate for human rights, LGBT rights, women rights, animal rights, etc. But when it comes to advocating for the Palestinians rights, they can’t do that. It’s not part of their schemes as liberal people.

Israeli vegans aggressively fight against slaughtering animals, but they do not care about slaughtering Arabs or Palestinians.

If you dare say that there is occupation in Israel, you have to deal with the consequences of your claim, and might be attacked, jailed, etc.

And since it’s the only democracy in the Middle East, you have to be extremely grateful that you’re not living anywhere else.

Now while people celebrated the glory of Israel in the Eurovision, many people were being killed and injured in Gaza. Because as you can see, the glory of Israel means the fall of the Palestinian people.

This is a cover song for the song “Not your Toy”. The song is in Hebrew with subtitles in English. The person who wrote it, sang it and edited it is very brave in my opinion, and this song is better than the original. Boom, Boom Boom-boom.

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