Today is the International Women’s day. And for some reason, I don’t like making a huge deal out of this day. Perhaps because I’m fed up with all of the women empowerment posts on the social media, and all of the cliched statements that are recently made.

You can go around, and feel like “Oh yeah! look at me! I’m a woman of free will, and I wanna do things my way. I’m powerful and independent etc.”

Okay. Great. Women should have their own free will, and should do things their way. But for some reason I’m sick of all these encouragements and social media posts. Most of the time I feel that they are pretentious and even meaningless.

My Facebook feed is jammed with posts by everyone, including men and women, all repeating the same cliched bullshit about women empowerment.

This day became a day to show off your thoughts about feminism. And if that is the case, I would like to take an opportunity to really state why we still need feminism. But not necessarily celebrate this specific day.

  1. Though she can’t see it, my mom still treats me differently than my brothers.
  2. Men still think they can sexually harass me in the streets
  3. No matter what I do, people still think that I don’t have my life together because I don’t have a husband.
  4. Women in my home town are still marrying young, not pursuing a proper education, and they become slaves to their husband, children and society.
  5. Women in my home town are still being abused by their husbands. And take the blame.
  6. The only good wishes you hear from people are: 3o2bal tsere 3aroos o nefra7 feke (till you become a bride and we’ll be happy for you/because of you)
  7. Men thinking that feminism is overrated.
  8. Men calling you too picky and stubborn for not picking them to be their sexual slave.
  9. Men thinking that the only way you can be a free open-minded woman is by opening your legs to them.
  10. People making you feel less of yourself because you’re not married. They treat you like a child, even if you’re older.
  11. Having to prove yourself to other females in terms of education, career, marriage, and beauty (?)
  12. Other skinny women blaming you for being fatter and not caring about your nutrition.
  13. Not finding any stores that sell your size, because you’re: tall, fat, short, etc.
  14. We need feminism because of … the Middle East goes backwards.
  15. We need feminism because there are still religions in the world.
  16. We need feminism because I’m sick of people writing all this bullshit on this day specifically, because you need a day to tell other females to be strong.

Actually, you need a day to tell women to be wonder women. But in fact, Wonder Woman is not a good example of strong women who should just be themselves. And the movie was horrible.


Anyway, I rambled a lot. So, enjoy your day and feel powerful. And don’t forget that any act you enjoy doing is one step to getting over the world. In some sense.



  1. Arwa – you mentioned so concrete elements and painful factors in your post. I was unable to read completely your post, I felt out of words. I wanted to let you know that my mother, sisters are the core of my success. Women is and will always stay the most important and powerful icon around the world. You are amazing:)


    1. Thank you so much.
      I know I posted some harsh words that came from frustration. Thank you for thinking that I am amazing.
      Cheers 🙂


  2. It is so horrible, archaic, and frustrating for women to be treated as you mentioned. You are no less of a woman or human being because you are not married. Take care of yourself, pursue your education or dreams, be You, be comfortable in your own skin before contributing to a serious relationship. And women should not be slaves to men for any purpose whatsoever! Great, honest post!


    1. Thank you for your comment Lauren.
      Yes, it’s amazing how I can delude myself into believing that I do live in a feminist world myself, but I can’t help but notice how feminism is unconsciously jeopardized by my surrounding.
      Most women think they’re free, but most of them are brainwashed by the illusion of perfect society, and their own pride.
      Anyway, this is how I feel.
      Cheers 🙂

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      1. It’s sad, Arwa, but you have a healthy outlook. It’s just too bad that changes can’t be made for the women you speak about. I hope you have a good weekend…

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