Constant race

We live in a constant race.

Race with time, people, life, achievements and and self improvement.


Why can’t we just relax, and think about happiness for one moment?

Happiness is also a race.

Who’s happier?

Who’s living their lives to the fullest?

Who travels more?

Who parties more?

Who attends all of the events in town?

who’s more successful?

Who has higher degrees?

Who’s nicer?

Who’s prettier?

Who’s skinnier?

Who’s more happily married?

Who’s more loved?

Who’s happier?

Even when I decide to run away from this race and be content with what I have, I find myself getting outside for one bit and feel like I’m going back to the game. The game is life, and it includes this race.

I feel that no matter what I do with myself, and no matter how I content I can be, I always find someone, or a situation that makes me feel less about myself.

This world of Facebook and Instagram makes us feel that we need to show what we have, and majestify it. We have to show the whole world that we are out there, alive and lucky.

Otherwise, we’re just letting others show their exquisite life.

We live in a constant race: who’s life is better!


  1. **many years ago** 🙂


  2. Good and true thoughts, but the key is just living your life, trying not to get caught up in the race. It’s not easy, but important. I used to be on Facebook more years ago, and now I’m hardly on it at all. If I share anything, it’s an important event or poetry, not something stupid like a meal. 🙂 The whole social media realm is out of control, and with it comes positive and negative. Just be you. 🙂


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