January deaths

New year began, with January. New year’s resolution we want to begin with, but there’s no time. Maybe after we finish our current assignments we can hit the gym to work out more. And after finishing some papers and exams, we can read more books we wanted to read a while ago.

There’s no time to start working on our new year’s resolution. There’s no time to start working on our new selves.

And there’s no time to say Goodbye to the dead.

January started with many posts of death announcements on the social network. I check my Facebook every day to find it flooded with death announcements. Many has died: old, and young.

January is still not over, and this month I saw around five death announcements of people I know.

“My condolences.” and “Sorry for your loss.” is now a mantra.

Has it been like that for a while? for January to bring deaths? and people  to wait until after the holidays to die?

Why is it that January has to come with death?

Why does the beginning of the year must bring many ends?

Why is January the month of depression and grief?

I’m anxious.


A poem I wrote few years ago:
Goodbye January
“Frigid January,
the month of death,
Why could not you resurrect?”


  1. Hi Arwa, this is really sad. I’m so sorry your year has begun with more sadness than cheer. So many things happen in life where we’re out of control and we just have to take what comes. It’s not always easy, though. I do hope good changes happen for you to bring more smiles, rather than sadness and anxiety…


    1. Hi Lauren. Thank you for your warm wishes.
      It was strange and sad to start the new year with hearing all about these deaths.
      What am I supposed to understand from the Universe?


      1. Good question. It’s a crazy world, but I think we need to try to focus on the positive, keep busy with creativity, school, or whatever we love, so the negative in the world won’t bring us down.

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