New Year – not too much of a big deal

I was thinking about the whole perception of “The New Year”, and “new beginnings”. I was thinking about the notion behind writing New Year’s resolutions, and why we do that.

I live in a country that doesn’t really make a huge fuss about celebrating the New Year. It’s considered a Christian holiday, and as a Christian you take a day off from work/school and celebrate the holiday with your family.

I go online and I see people writing thing about not bringing their 2017 problems to 2018, or starting new adventures in 2018, etc. And I’m sitting here, thinking that after 2018 I’m going back to work, and to my school assignments.

2018 will not be any different from 2017, or 2016 or any year. It’s just another year, and another number. Time goes on, and we’re only responsible for our actions, decisions and what we do in our lives, regardless of the concept of our plans for the upcoming year.

For instance, I want to write more in 2018. I simply plan to write more in the future, regardless if it’s 2018, or 2019. I want to lose weight this upcoming year, but I’ve been saying that for the last 5 years (when I started gaining weights again). It has nothing to do with the New Year, we’re just taking this new year as an excuse to start thinking about decisions we’ve made.

2017 has been a great year for me: not great as only in a positive sense. It has been a year filled with both success, failure and great changes. I simply wish that 2018 would turn to be a calmer year. Though I have a feeling, it wouldn’t be.

I wrote few resolutions for the New Year (See previous post), and even though I don’t need the number 2018, or the term New Year’s resolution to write them down, I felt great writing them down. And sometimes I feel that we should write resolutions every few months. Simply because we need to be hopeful that we’re doing good things in our lives. Regardless if we feel like taking breaks from accomplishments, or just hoping to accomplish more in our lives. Knowing that we can improve our lives makes us carry on living an exciting life.

Sometimes I feel that if I have no resolutions to think of, I have no life to live, and I might as well do nothing in my life, or die.

Keep writing resolutions. These are just plans that will make us believe that we can become better versions of ourselves.

And Happy New Year!

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