Random Persecution. Simply because I’m an Arab.

Over the last three years I decided that I cannot keep posting any political posts on Facebook, especially on Facebook, since it’s the most exposed medium and can subject myself to persecution, or in worst cases I can be arrested for state security offense.

Surely you can sense a tone of exaggeration, why should I be arrested for expressing my trivial political views? Thing is, in Israel, you cannot whatsoever express your opinion when it’s against the state of Israel, even if it is completely insignificant.

So here I am, posting nothing on Facebook that implies to anything political, Palestinian, Israeli, or even Arab.


But I have an Arabic name, and between brackets I decided to write my name in Arabic أروى simply because no one can spell it right in Arabic.

Out of no where, I received the following messages from someone I’ve never heard before. His name is a Jewish name, I decided to cover it, because it’s not my business to expose him to the internet, but after a month of contemplation I decided to share it on my blog here (not on Facebook, because I don’t want to be harassed further. Regardless of how funny it sounds).

See below: the messages are written in Hebrew, and I took the liberty of translating them quite literally.

zionist harrasment 1.png

My first reaction, and comments are/were:
1- I’m not married, and I’m pretty sure I won’t get a husband that would rape me every day, and I don’t think I can ever become a terrorist.
2- I’m not a whore, I don’t get dicks. Especially not from terrorists.
3- I’m not stinky, I shower everyday. And where do I look for another nation? where?

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who receives out-of-no-where messages like these. And I don’t even feel like defending anyone regarding this. I think the chat log I shares says it all.

But I can say one thing, if an Arab were to be an asshole and send a message like this to any Jew, he will be sent straight to prison.


  1. People wave broken swords blindly in the air hoping to find someone to wound. The best thing is to keep away and shake your head at their empty stupidity. It isn’t because you’re Arab, or have an Arabic name, it’s because stupidity still walks and breathes. Never let that be your problem.


    1. Indeed this is true. But one cannot deny the existence of radical racism in this country.
      Surely stupidity is one of the motives for racism.

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  2. if they hate you, that means you’re doing something right…


    1. I wasn’t really doing anything. I was just an Arab.

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