Dignity – Arwa

A short story I wrote three years ago. It’s amazing how things become relevant after three years, and even more real.
It needs rewriting of course.


© shudder-stock.deviantart © shudder-stock.deviantart

She sat in darkness looking at his frail body. He was still unconscious. He looked so miserable and faint. His face was calm but weak. If he woke up he won’t be able to move, he was tied all together. She had to tie him very carefully and make sure he wouldn’t fight or hurt her when he would wake up. She looked at his naked body, it wasn’t as attractive as it was before, but all these images were in her head. His body looked incredibly feeble and lacked all beauty and charm. Or maybe, she only convinced herself that he looked pathetic, after all, at the moment, she had too much of hate inside her.

She thought her actions were insane, for she had no right to tie him down and torture him. She should have been obedient, keep away from him, and forget him for…

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