In Comparison… to others

We tends to compare our lives to other people around us, or people we just see on the streets. And though sometimes it is a good way to be inspired, and aim for higher goals, better lifestyle, or any other thing, sometimes we should take a step back, ignore what’s going around us, and appreciate what we have. Or appreciate whom we have become.

Though we do that unconsciously, we compare ourselves, or lives, we forget that we have is precious, and what we have is what we deserve. If we keep aiming for what others have, simply because it’s different, or looks fancier on the outside, we will lose the essence of the beauty we have made inside our homes, our wardrobes, and even our minds.

If I had a nickle for every time I was jealous of someone I know, I would be a millionaire, a millionaire who wants someone else’s life.

And we girls, we see our faults while looking at others: “She’s skinnier” “She’s prettier” “She’s nicer” “Smarter” “more successful” “she has more friends” Etc. It never stops. We live in a comparison. We only feel better about ourselves if the result of the comparison is to our benefit.

And that kills us.

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