A Toast!

On Tinder, across the boards, in the middle East, in the middle of war, two foreigners, fall in love on a dating website and manage to get married.

My friend, the groom, deserves the best of happiness, and I’m glad he found his other half in the most unexpected place on the planet.

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The Singing Martingale

I saw the other day that some (well, exactly two) friends of mine in Haifa just got married (to each other). Since I didn’t get a chance to be at their wedding, here’s my uninvited toast (the groom’s side):

One of many people’s objections to internet dating – including my own – is that it feels too contrived, that the element of fate is taken away by a machine, and so, among other things, it makes for really trite, awkward ‘how we met’ stories. Theirs, however, is an exception. He was a German living in Haifa, and she was an American living in Beirut, and they met not because internet dating works, but because it doesn’t. They met, in other words, because Tinder has a bug: it doesn’t notice international boundaries, even when they’re impenetrable. So, despite my friends’ geographic incompatibility, their images were presented to each other by the…

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