Getting Old, or just Older.

“Can I just stay 25!!!” among the things some people say who are growing beyond the age of 25.

I personally always reply “I can’t wait to my thirties.” which sounds ridiculous and out of place. But I always say that to allow people to know that there is much more than age, and growing up. Hell, many people are turning 18 who were born in 1998. Oh yeah, my baby brothers are turning 18 in few months, and I watched them grow. Now that is amazing. I’m 26 and I don’t want to act 18, I don’t want to be 18, heck, I don’t even want to look 18. I want to look my best, that is all.

I have found just one grey/white hair on my head so far, and honestly, I like it. I want it to stand out. I would also like to keep all of my hairs white/grey when getting older. Not because I believe in the natural look (which I do by the way, most of the times anyway), but also because white hair should look nicer (I’m racist and stuck with black hair), and they can by themselves be a symbol of wisdom (right?), and frankly they shine more than the colors we try out nowadays.

Some people consider the early 20s as the best age one can have: being young, free, partying without limits, etc. We’re all been there, maybe in a different way, we lived our early 20s as we wished we would. I lived my early 20s with books, which was nice for me. Partying wasn’t really my thing. Getting drunk isn’t something I would brag about doing.

I’m 26, and will be 27 soon, and before I even notice I will be 30 years old. As you see, time flies, one minute we’re young and careless, the very next minute we’re looking for real relationships and careers.

We try to think of justifications to why we couldn’t achieve what we had in mind few years ago, and we’re anxiously trying to achieve everything before the age of 30. Why are we doing that? why do we constantly keep connecting our age with time? can’t we just let time go on its own without our age interfering? Can’t we just look at growing up or old as part of what we are doing? can’t we just think that by growing up or old we are evolving, we are becoming the best of our selves and that is what we are living for?

Mantra: I don’t care about growing old, I only care about doing things my way.

It was fun being young and stupid. But isn’t it more fun to be old and wise? without even achieving anything significant.


So here I would like to raise a glass of wine (the one my friend brought me yesterday) to growing up. And remaining true to our own selves and doing our best to live our ways, and to aging gracefully.


  1. Beautifully spoken! Always believe in your self…and the best will always come to life and shine forth from within!


    1. Hi dear Wendell, thank you so much. Cheers 🙂


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