New Year’s Resolutions

Three years ago I wrote a list of 25 new year’s resolution. Most of them were juvenile as I was younger and less experienced than today.

I don’t usually write resolutions and keep them. Though maybe, this year I should, hang them somewhere where I can see them every single day, and try to keep up to them every single day. IMG_20151230_233124

But before I do that I want to review some of the resolutions I wrote three years ago, and check with myself how things have changed. (in italics are my comments)

Get into acting, seriously. If serious about acting, do not think of it as a hobby, but as something you want to actually do. 

Write at least half a novel. write more. Improve my style and express more. 

Do sports. and lots of it. 

Travel to Europe. again and again in every small opportunity. 

Read more books, obviously.

improve my writing. by writing more and more every day. 

Stop complaining. Just STOP!

Call my friends more 

Stay away from trouble. seriously. 

make better decisions.

Stop caring about what others think. other people are assholes, and their opinion should remain in the butt hole. 

Stop caring to appear beautiful, people aren’t that shallow.

I would like to add one resolution that really matters to me:

Make myself happy every day.

I know I will probably fail in keeping this one, but this is what I want to do. Happiness is one of the most important matter to me, and it comes with the smallest of things. It comes with love, friendship, self admiration, etc.

And from now on, I should remind myself that planning isn’t nearly enough, but doing is more important.


Cheers and happy new year.


  1. I know this so well. Nicely articulated


    1. Thank you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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