ISIS and Islam (pt.2)

I noticed I lost some followers due to my previous post about Islam ad ISIS.

I don’t want to justify myself, I only realized I’ve forgotten to mention few things and I would like to add them to a new post.

I want to ask few questions that sometimes I ask myself when I defend the name of Islam, and try to think of it as a peaceful religion. If Islam is a peaceful religion, then why most people don’t have the right to be irreligious or atheists? why is it a requirement to pray and practice all religious traditions? why when people don’t fast during Ramadan they get a fine or punished?

The way I see it, Islam is not a peaceful religion. When people still only care about family honor and oppressing women. Why is there still many places in the Islamic world where people aren’t allowed to  be anything that is no Islamic. why is it in the Islamic world everything is Haram? Alcohol is Haram, Sex before marriage is Haram, love is Haram. The way I see it, people no longer know what’s right or wrong, they only know what is Haram and what is Halal. Why is it that the Islamic world goes crazy when someone distorts the image of Islam and the prophet, while they hardly do anything to fight ISIS, whom as they say “do not represent Islam”?

Sometimes I really don’t get it. Many Muslim people in Muslim nations behave as close to ISIS and then start with “ISIS doesn’t represent Islam.”

If ISIS and Islam are so different, then why is it okay for women to be sex slaves when they get married? why they need to be all covered and obey men, in any circumstances?

Why is it that there’s no place for gays in the Islamic society? why is it Haram?  because they want to be treated like human beings, and mostly live like ones? Why is it that no matter what you do, you’ll always be a sinner if you do not obey God?

ISIS are indeed a horrible group that aim to destroy everything and everyone, whether they come on their way or not. And I know and have heard of many and many Muslims that are incredibly amazing and wouldn’t hurt anyone, or not even a fly. But I have so many questions to other Muslims who cannot understand the horrible aspects of religions, all religions, including the Islamic religion. The obsession with God and killing or acting in the name of God is getting out of hand. Indeed it is true that many Christian and Jewish groups are killing for the name of their religions nowadays, mainly in Israel and the US. Everyone who kills innocent people should be considered a terrorist (though I believe that the way Israelis see the Palestinian resistance as terrorism is just wrong and biased).

I see a lot of wrong aspects in the Islam that I personally do not agree with, especially the life style people are adapting to nowadays, and that is why it can be different than other religions.

It has its own merits, but none of them should matter in these days and age.

This comment was written by one of my readers:
Read here it was written as a response o a post I wrote about genocide and terrorism in Israel/Palestine.

Many Muslims see in their religion the face of peace. While they must accept the fact that many people, like myself, see many faces of evil and misery.

I live in a mixed society, and I decided to be an atheist, just to be more honest with myself and live up to an honest life style.

And I still believe that religions in general are all evil, and the Middle East is one area in the world that needs to free itself from it. Just then we’ll start seeing peace. Maybe something else will come along afterwards that will divide everyone, but I stick to my grounds when I say that religions and peace do not mix, whatsoever.

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