ISIS doesn’t represent Islam. So they say.

Over the last few years, lots of people grew to believe that ISIS (or ISIL – the Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant) does not by any means represent the Islam.

For one thing, ISIS are massacring both Christians and Muslims in the Middle East. They fight everything and everyone that’s not them. You can either join, or you can be killed. Surely, women aren’t included: if you’re a woman, you can only do one thing, surrender and be raped, and then killed. At least this is what we see on the internet and on the media.

I sincerely want to say, to everyone, that ISIS doesn’t represent Islam and that Islam is a peaceful religion. So many people can argue, and show you how Islam cannot be compared to ISIS and you should stop being Islamphobic for one moment and accept the fact that many Muslims (from the Middle East and all around the world) fight against terrorism such as ISIS.

I said I sincerely want to say all that, but many Muslims around the world use the name of Islam for any act of terrorism. They claim they’re fighting in the name of God, they kill many people who are not Muslims, and other people who are Muslims, but do not belong to the same religious faith or ideology. This reminds me of something… oh yes, Christianity in the Middle Ages.

Islamic Extremists are a direct reincarnation of the Christian/Catholic church in the Middle Ages. Simply fighting for their own religious doctrine, using the name of God (which is the same God if you noticed) to justify their actions. It’s all a game,: there are winners and losers. There are also those who are unjustly killed. What should those do?

I read somewhere that ISIS is mainly funded and supported by the United States. Somehow it makes absolutely no sense, while for other it makes every single kind of sense. The US is the most powerful country in the world, it can control every single move everywhere in the world. The main reason there is no peace in the Middle East is because the US wants full control and wants to play a game “Have you seen what happens in the Middle East? let us focus on what’s happening in the Middle East”. The US wants ISIS to become the main representatives of the entire religion of Islam, mainly to spread Islamphobia and maybe to use them as allies to some mysterious plan we know nothing about. We can just live and see.

But all that is beyond our own basic understanding. I personally have no hopes for a better future. And I really want to say that ISIS doesn’t represent Islam, or other Muslims, but the way I see it, how are other Islamic countries different than ISIS? In Saudi Arabia, Iran and others, you’re not allowed to practice other religions. One Atheist in Saudi Arabia was being executed because he was an Atheist. Isn’t that what ISIS would do?

And if so many Muslims around the world keep emphasizing that ISIS do not represent them, then why don’t they actually do something about it? Something radical and obscene? Like put religion aside for example. For just once, drop religion or any religious tradition to do something better for themselves and humanity.

Why is that because I believe that religion (any religion) only causes evil, while others have to justify it? Why am I the dumb pretentious atheist must be criticized for my own beliefs and claims, while religions can go on and divide all of us to keep ruining our lives?

Why for once, there cannot be a complete (maybe temporary) extermination of religions in the Middle East? The way I see it, there will be no peace in the Middle East as long as any religion still in dominance. In every single country: in Egypt, Saudi Arabia , Israel/Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc.

Religions brings traditions that are harmful for every single person, and I the non-believer believe that nothing good comes out of it. Except for Christmas. So Merry Christmas you sinners.


  1. […] noticed I lost some followers due to my previous post about Islam ad […]


  2. ISIS is funded by selling the oil they steal from Iraq and Syria to Turkey, and by Saudis… in Iran by the way yes you can practice other religions, there are Churches and Synagoges there… ISIS cares only about themselves…


    1. Hi dear. Sorry I wrote the last few paragraphs and published the article before I went to sleep. I noticed now I wrote a lot of bullshit, which caused me to lose some followers.
      It doesn’t eventually matter, as the US, being the most powerful country in the whole world, is controlling the Middle East and you can easily notice the support they provide ISIS. If they want to really stop them, they would have done that even before they came out for power.
      The oil is another matter, which I think is just an excuse.
      Yes, ISIS only care about themselves, mainly seeking power.

      Where in Iran? can people practice other religions? Please go ahead and show me “good pictures” about Iran. I really want to see, and know.

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