When you cling to the past

It is indeed advisable to get to the core of things, have a small journey to the past and understand the reasons. This journey is designed to make us read the sensible letters behind our daily decisions, and our new mistakes.

The past designs us and our lives, it leaves us with marks and scars to know what we are and what we have gone through. It shows us the war we have gone through, the war inside us, and the war around us. It leaves us injured seeking for help, and surely it shows us how much we have to pay for our treatments.

It is the past that gives us pleasure and pain, it connects our present and future in a circle that grows as time goes by. Sometimes this circle shrinks and leaves us empty. It closes and leaves us trapped, smothered, unable to think, question and observe.

The past is gone. It no longer exists. It ceases to exist after you take the other breath that follows. After that moment you decide to wake up and carry on with your day, and the following days. That is one theory, or the only theory you should follow.


But then again, we do take pleasure, and receive some pain when clinging to the past. We go on that journey to the past, we dive deeper than we thought we could, and we never stop. We cling to the past as if it’s our only future, we cling to it and we never let go. We suffer and we never give up. The past becomes our future, it becomes part of who we are and what we’ll become. It becomes us. We live the past again, and we keep living it, we live in it as it goes in a loop, and it never ends. The past becomes our present and future, and it becomes us.



  1. I enjoyed your thoughts. I believe the past is just lessons for us to appreciate the present and be kinder. The past can’t be forgotten and the future is the possibility of being a more kind and gentle soul. Thank you for sharing your thouhts and words.


    1. thank you. So glad you liked it and highly appreciate your response.

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      1. You are welcome Arwa.


  2. Arwa – you were missed – Hope all is all with you – you have amazing golden fingers – such beautiful and true words you mentioned…such a strong wake up call!


    1. Hi. Thank you 🙂


      1. sister, I miss you:) Text me:)


  3. Maybe we’re just made like that. Always wanting to cling on to some old fragment of the past, sometimes it gives us hope, sometimes it gives us inspiration to keep going. To look to the future and feel that we have to do better.


    1. The future is scary, yet the past is familiar. As scary as the past was, we are used to it, we don’t find it scary anymore, thus we want it more than the future. Or maybe some things in our past are so strong and valueable, we lost them, we regained them and we don’t want to lose them again.

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      1. True. That makes sense 🙂


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