After 80+ years – he was right

Today is Aldous Huxley’s 121 birthday, the author of the great masterpiece Brave New World. Has he lived to this day he would have seen his prediction coming to action.

Huxley’s Brave New World is one of the eye-opening genius work of all times. Huxley predicted the downward world and society as it has become these days,

If more people read this classic novel, they would perhaps think about taking actions to save our only world from collapsing into one dictatorship that rules the world and makes people as machines, in every aspect: socially, mentally, emotionally, physically and certainly sexually,


One of the interviews:


Comparison between his work and the great master piece Nineteen Eight-Four by one of his students George Orwell.

orwell-huxley-world huxley-vs-orwell



  1. Arwa – this is such impressive and powerful – this has a lot of values – Wow – this has rich meanings and topic..Bravo

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  2. Excellent points! I loved the cartoon comparisons (I read these books years ago in college and was trying to remember.)


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