When I was a pretty girl

I was aware of my own deep desires.
I knew what kind happiness I wanted. When I was a pretty girl, I was young and nice. Sweet. I never wanted to hurt myself.
I was pretty back then.
I was clean and my heart was clear.
No history, no dark, filthy, and hideous secrets to keep down.
My beauty was public and coherent. It was even complete.
When I was a pretty girl I knew the melodies that count. I knew at least some of them.
Now I know nothing about them. Can’t even hear them or distinguish their sounds.
When I was a pretty girl, I have known the eyes- the ones that are true and honest. The ones that  can dig deep holes into your body, even your heart.
When I was a pretty girl, I used to innocently laugh and cry. My tears were innocent and fresh. Way too clean.
When I was a pretty girl, my face was all clear and pretty. I used to smile. And a nice smile I had.
Now my eyes are darker than the night, even darker than my hair.


  1. Arwa – what we can say for your beautiful and magic words – I am humbled and appreciative of you being such powerful and creative…Your message is the most practical in our life!


    1. Hi Mino how are you? Thank you so much for your trust and beliefs in me. I become creative by feelings and support. I know i need more courage and support everyday so i can publish/post new things. I’m more humble than i think i am and i try my best not to lose my strength and confidence.


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