Something outrageous

This is not an outrageous post. This is just a normal post about being outrageous.

Definition of Outrageous by Google:

  1. shockingly bad or excessive.
    wildly exaggerated or improbable.
  2. very bold, unusual, and startling.

So basically, when it comes to writing, most of us want to read something outrageous, otherwise, what’s the point of it? When it comes to reading anything, from news reports to random articles in magazine. We want something outrageous to grab our attention.

Even in our daily lives, when we’re having our usual conversations with our family, friends and colleagues, we want to share the outrageous things that happened to us during that day, week, or month. Otherwise our conversation would be repetitious and redundant. The same happens to our Facebook status or posts, we have to post something outrageous, otherwise no one would “like” it.

We have to be outrageous to be truly admired. We have to achieve something outrageous to get an actual meaning in our lives. Like characters and plots in books and movies, both have to be outrageous to be great and worth reading/watching.

Being ordinary and conventional is “boring”. There’s nothing interesting about the normal kind of person. The same goes to a normal life style. If you have a normal life style, you have achieved nothing. This is a concept I subconsciously adopted many years ago, and for some reasons it’s not shaking off.

For some reasons, outrageous things are become what the norms call “bad things”, like getting your nipples pierced and tattooed, smoke weed everyday, get insanely drunk and sleep around. I always wanted to be extraordinary and even outrageous, but not this kind of outrageous, that I just mentioned. For some reasons, I refuse to judge people who do these things, but I wouldn’t do it for myself, because I simply don’t like them.

It doesn’t matter what I actually do in my life, or how people see me doing these things. I just know that I can’t be normal, just normal in the “dull” kind of way. I like doing extraordinary things, I like to call these things outrageous. But I don’t do much. Do I have to do a lot of outrageous actions to be outrageous? What kind of actions I have to do to be really and completely outrageous?

Many people call me or think of as crazy. Just because I don’t always dress up like they do. Or maybe because I don’t do the things they do. Am I crazy? I know I just like doing things my way and basically the things that make me happy or content.

My mother hates the fact that I don’t act, dress, behave, think, and live like all other girls she thinks she knows. I have a feeling she wants me to be normal, with nothing extraordinary or great to do. And I always have to tell her that I can’t be normal. This is not me. This not who I am. And I just want to be happy being what I want to be/do.

Am I exaggerating? Am I exaggerating with my definition of my life? Why do I want to be extraordinary? why do I even want to be a bit outrageous? What’s so special about being extraordinary? and what’s so extraordinary about being special? For some reasons, I can’t find myself proud or content with basic choices. I have to do something that would make an impact on myself to gain accomplishment. I have to be on some other higher stage to feel this deep satisfaction of living the moment and the after-moment.

I just want to add “Fuck Normality” – just do whatever makes you satisfied. Be neat or a beast. Be normal or crazy. Behave or be naughty. But try not to hurt those who surround you.

One comment

  1. Arwa – you have one of the elite presentation here – I am touched and moved – This is deep and powerful . I congratulate you on our magic!


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