Help Build Khashabi Ensemble Theatre

I’m going to dedicate this post to support local artists I know.

I studied theatre with them and they deserve all kind recognition and support, after their hard work. They are young, ambitious, innovative, creative, talented and confident.

And, they need your help.

Help build Khashabi Ensemble Theatre

This is what they have to say: Read and help!

A new space for Palestinian theatre and arts in Haifa. Let’s make it happen!


As Palestinians living in Israel, we face systematic and institutionalised discrimination on a daily basis. Our freedom of expression is denied. Racist incitement and hate crime is on the rise. Our identity, history and culture are being erased.

We at Khashabi Ensemble Theatre want to challenge this status quo. We are a group of young Palestinian theatre professionals and artists who are committed to building up an independent theatre and artistic space in the city of Haifa. A place where our thriving community of Palestinian artists can be free to create, experiment and perform.

This new theatre and arts space will be located in the Wadi Salib area of downtown Haifa, a neighborhood where the majority of Palestinian residents were forcibly expelled in 1948 and which until today is the target of ongoing Judaisation.


The first stage of this project consists of renovating and preparing the space. It has not been functional for the past 10 years and therefore needs a serious overhaul. We need to raise a total of 50,000 USD to complete this work…

Once the renovation work is completed, the next stage of our project will consist of equipping the building, turning it into a functioning artistic space. The Khashabi Ensemble Theatre will include a small theatre hall, seating an audience of 80 people, as well as spaces for workshops, exhibitions and other arts.


After the expulsion of the Palestinian inhabitants from Wadi Salib in 1948, the Palestinian character of the neighbourhood has gradually been eradicated by Israeli authorities. Overtaken by governmental and office buildings, today little more than a memory remains of its history.

Establishing a Palestinian arts space in this neighbourhood therefore forms a vital part of our aim to revive and recreate Palestinian identity. We will work closely with our community to develop unique artistic projects, empower young Palestinians through artistic workshops, and develop unique methods to engage new audiences to enjoy and be inspired by the arts.

Our theatre aims to develop a novel artistic ideology in the Palestinian community, based on the ideals of cooperation, experimentation and mutual support. But this growing artistic community that we are part of is desperately in need of a space.


We are calling on all friends of free creation and Palestinian culture to make a donation – large or small – in order to help us build up our space. We also need your support in spreading the campaign to a wide audience, by sharing it on social media (using the share buttons above), and by telling your friends and family about it.

We thank you all for supporting us on our journey!

Let’s make it happen!

Here’s a link

Watch some of their videotaped plays

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