Last day of the year

It’s suddenly the end
the last day of the fourteenth year
of this new millennium.
The beginning of the millennium was only yesterday
and still these fourteen years have passed quickly.
I was a child back then
and now a woman I am.
Was innocent and now experienced
with dark magic.
A sinner I become
A content sinner with nothing to hide.

It’s the last day of the year
nothing has been achieved.
yet too much have grown.
Or is it just a feeling in my heart?
I’m still a child…
and passionate still.
Looking for further escapades.
a wilder outlook to my future.

Time flies.
And I’m helpless without wings
hopping around the same spot of my past.
The rings of time are buried,
treasures without maps.

The fifteenth year of the millennium is here
and I’m writing about it like an end of an era.
yet nothing has changed
And nothing will change.
I have changed indeed,
but cannot see the difference,
for I’m still blinded by my innocence
and my sins.

December 31st, 2014.


  1. Many times we seem to reflect on ourselves right before the new year begins! No one is without sin while we are in the flesh…but know you have grown, begin to love yourself more…you were born to be a blessing to many my sister! I have neglected many the last few months, and mostly only share, but i was going through some changes. I even contemplated not writing or sharing anymore. It was a feeling deep in the soul. But I was moved to continue, so I tell you if you do, I will begin with a new poem for your other site, if that will inspire you , your brother will walk this new year with you! Hugs, blessings and love always Arwa, You New Year will be very blessed!


    1. Glad you are finally back. Your poems always inspire me. And would love to read more of your poems. On my other blog on your blog… Anywhere. I’m just glad to see you back my dear friend and brother. Thank you. Have a blessed and glorious new year.


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