Christmas Eve (pt.1)

I would like to dedicate this post for wishing all my readers/subscribers/followers a very merry Christmas.

There is nothing I can add except that I wish you all don’t feel as gloomy as I am. Even though I shouldn’t, I have my friends and family by my side.

Sometimes I wish Christmas wasn’t such a big deal to take advantage of every single moment. We have a month to start feeling the mood of this holiday, yet when Christmas Eve comes I feel like I haven’t done anything spectacular, like I haven’t taken any advantage of this once a year moment of joy.

Why does it have to be joyous? I wait a year for this holiday and then… it’s gone. Like it never happened.

Yet, I went to the grand festival in Nazareth, and listened to all of the Christmas songs and spread joy among my friends, which is all what the holiday is about, right?

But maybe because I live in a Jewish country I can’t find Christmas all around me. I’m lucky enough to live around an Arab town to find Christmas. But what about people in Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Ramallah and Gaza? are they having all they want for Christmas? Or all they need? Are they having a joyous holiday? And I’m not only referring to the Christians living there (believe it or not, but many Palestinians are Christians), after all Christmas is for all people.

I want more of a Christmas mood. I want more of the before Christmas, not the after Christmas. Because for me, Christmas begins at the end of November, and ends on Christmas Eve… Why is that?

In the meantime, let’s all enjoy our evening and keep on having a good time. And imagine that our families and friends in Gaza are warm enough.

And here’s a song for today:

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