Christmas Eve – in Gaza (pt.2)

You are all having the time of your lives. Christmas is all around you all. In your lovely countries. You’re all having a blast. Maybe now, you’re worried about the Christmas shopping and the gifts you have bought or going to receive.

Oh you Christians around the world, thinking this time is joyous and everyone is celebrating this holiday like they should.

And now I’m bringing a third-world kind of problem that as it appears has nothing to do with Christmas. But seriously, what about the Christians in Gaza? Do you remember Gaza? you know… it was all over the news last summer. Well, look it up.

Yes, what about the Christians in Gaza? I mean, we’re forgetting the Muslims there for a moment, because it’s Christmas and it has nothing to do with them, right? after all wishing a merry Christmas is only for the Christians. Right? So, seriously, what about the Christians in Gaza? They are Christians, like all of you, but they are Palestinians, they have no right to leave the strip and go to Bethlehem, even though it’s not that far away. And after the traumatic incidents of the summer, this winter is turning cold for them.

Here, watch this:

But you know, that’s not your problem. Enjoy your holiday and merry Christmas.


  1. Not forgotten. God does not forget His children, others also. I’ve seen several different posts/videos on this same theme over Christmas, not from Palestine but from concerned individuals in the west, who have not forgotten. There’s a beautiful song called “Christmas in Bethlehem” I heard once linking the present troubles to Christ’s birth and the age old prayer for peace. I could never hear it dry eyed. It was written by Christian volunteers that had worked in the middle east. Though with little power to help we have not forgotten.


    1. If you can send me a link to the song you just referred to it would be great. I can’t find it.
      Visiting Bethlehem on Christmas should be a privilege for everyone.


  2. Special wishes for a Christmas, that brighten you destiny
    May the moon of the Christmas season spread the christmas cheers
    Have a Merry Christmas with full of cheer and Happiness! unique and colorful Christmas wishes for you peoples!


    1. Thank you my dear friend. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Have a blessed and happy holiday.

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