You need to be smart for a smartphone

Smartphones have taken over our lives. And sometimes I wish we never had them.  They made our lives easier, but difficult to handle at the same time. And sometimes we think, yes we’re better off without them.

Do you remember in the science fiction movies some decades ago, when they had this little device that could “unscrew” everything? Well, here we had it, it’s the smartphone we all carry nowadays. But do you remember decades ago, when we used to speak on regular phones? And meet without texting one another of “what time are you going?”, “when will you get there?”, “I’m waiting for you by the fountain.” “Open the door man!” “Send me a dirty picture!” “Goodnight sweetie.” etc.

It was fun in the old days, we ring the bill. We make plans on a certain time and we wait, patiently. We have quality time with friends without being interrupted by their phones ringing or having to text certain people, or… without them starting to take selfies to post on Facebook or Instagram.

There was time when we used to read real books and magazines, and now we only read the Facebook News Feed on our smartphones to avoid conversations with people.


Anyway. Forget everything I just said. I’m a technology freak. If I could afford it I would buy every new piece of technology. Really. I like buttons, and if I see any button I must press it. It’s a disease. But now I’m convinced that smartphones with touch screens are easier to use, so I’m sticking to them instead. But since I don’t have a lot of money I have to be specific with consuming and purchasing any available device in the market.

Current devices I have and currently use that I don’t truly need are: OnePlus One, Kindle Paperwhite and Asus Vivo Book.

Well, I do need my Asus Vivo Book, mainly because I have to browse the internet, write, work on papers and assignments, read articles, etc. I’ve had it for a year and I’m still satisfied with it. And it wasn’t that expensive (very cheap compared to any Apple device).

My Kindle has been a life savior mainly because I like to read a lot and books are damn expensive in the country I live in. And I hate showing people what I’m currently reading. And I literally can’t live without my Kindle, because I carry so many books in one small light device and I saved a lot of money. (I will dedicate a post in the future for the Kindle)

As for my new smartphone: the OnePlus One. You really have no idea. First of all, I truly believe that when it comes to a smartphone or any other device, you need to think about the reason you need it. If you already have a good smartphone, you shouldn’t buy a new one because there are new phones in the market. The market is updated every month. Even though I’m a huge fan of technology, I still really believe that when it comes to new electronic devices, buy a new device because you need it. So I bought the OnePlus One because I need it as my previous smartphone wasn’t working – not just being slow, but I couldn’t call people, and I tried to fix it several times, no use.

Why didn’t I buy the new iPhone? Here is why:p8sa11h

I hope this picture explains everything.

The iPhone is more than half the price, and I don’t even like it that much. Everything I need and want can be found on the OnePlus One that I believe is a kick-ass phone that costs a lot less than all other “trendy” phones.

I’ve had my OnePlus One for a week now and I like it. It’s cute, sexy and works perfectly well. Why would I need to pay extra hundred dollars/euros to get another phone that will probably be the same?

So many people dislike the fact that I dislike the iPhone or Apple. I don’t . I wish I could afford it, but I can’t and I believe in quality, not in labels/brands.

And these two photos that I found illustrate my point.



And here I should stop, because anything I might say next about Apple consumers will be just rude. After all, I once had an iPod, but that was just for music (and it was old).



  1. I’ll admit it: I check my smartphone compulsively. And the more I use it, the more often the urge to look at it hits me. Whether smartphones really “hook” users into dependency remains unclear.

    I thought forgot me!


    1. We all use our smartphones. But we should be smarter when and how we use them. I use my smartphone a lot, but i need to be more careful and use it wisely. There is a world outside this tiny machine. That’s all i’m saying.


  2. Oh, and a friend said to me the other day as he gleefully bought the Surface 3, Bite the Apple, don’t let Apple bite you….

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  3. Smartphones, or any phone,only take over to what we give them. I have mindfully been cutting down the time and usage of mine in order to be more aware of things and people around me. I usually have my phone set on mute now when out and about, check it about every two hours to see if I have missed any calls. The calls get less and as people realize what I am doing and why. I don’t do F.B. anymore as it sacked too much of my life out of my Life. Here’s to liberation from ha ing to constantly be in touch.

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    1. Thank you for your amazing comment. I do the same. I mean now I’m a bit excited about my new phone, but just in a week I’ll do what I always do: use the phone less and connect to people over real face-to-face conversations. The phone helps, just to be in touch when needed.
      And since I make it a rule that no phone calls or texts over meetings, my friends use their phones less.


      1. Good for you! And new toys are always fun, aren’t they? I must admit, if I have to wait somewhere, I do like pulling up my Kindle or playing games, LOL

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