A united world


East Side Gallery – Berlin. – A picture taken by my sister Shada

No more wars. No more walls. A united world.

Because there should be a wall to write all these words on. Otherwise these words will never be written let alone read. Because our world needs walls to sing for freedom and peace.

We need walls to separate between the nations of the world. And more walls to separate an entire nation. To separate one entire nation.

Who builds these walls? Does the person who builds them know that they will come down eventually?

And do we, the nation, know how to separate from one wall to another?

A wall to protect us, and another to separate us or take our freedom away?

One country wants separation. Another country needs protection. While an entire nation needs to have rights, freedom and peace.

Walls are lovely, until they tear your hopes, dreams and freedom. And then they hold you a hostage for their own dreams and existence.

Every wall defines who you are. Live with that. Fight.


  1. Impressive reflections. May we all unite in peace xx


    1. Thank you. Yes, may we all unite in peace.

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  2. United we stand; divided we fall

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    1. We fell a long time ago, and no one to pick us up.

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      1. We always on our feet strong, though our pain and suffering gives us more national spirit!

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