Officially a second class citizen

Arab Israelis (Palestinians who have Israeli passports, and reside inside the State of Israel – inside the green line) were always considered as second class citizens. Some Israeli might tell you otherwise and this is bullshit, since the State of Israel is the only democracy in the middle east. And no matter what you tell them they will always be like “Look at the Arab world. Look what’s happening in Syria and Iraq. Would you rather have ISIS/IS taking over you?” Just because I’m against what’s going on in the rest of the Middle East doesn’t have to make me pro-Israel, okay?

Okay, let’s take a step back and talk about my rights as a citizen inside Israel. I do have my own rights: I study, I work and I pay taxes. Most of my taxes go to the army who’s operating in the West Bank and Gaza, giving hell to my friends who live there. How lovely.

I must respect the state of Israel as the only democracy in the Middle East and must appreciate the fact that they’re not killing me, like they’re doing to the people in Gaza.

Arabs in Israel were always treated like second class citizens, there has always been a discrimination against them, the same kind of discrimination against the African American or any minority group in the US.

If we have any problem, we can “Go to Gaza or the West Bank” and the Israeli government “won’t bother” us. That’s what they said. Won’t bother us. I wonder how that can actually happen.

I’m not going to get into all this right now. Except that I’m proud of the Israeli government for taking that mask off and for once not pretending that it’s an actual democracy. That finally there is a national law that says that Israel is now a democracy for the Jewish people, ignoring the equal rights of all the minority groups. That now it’s no longer an actual democracy. Thank you for taking that mask off and telling the truth.

Here you go, straight from the horse’s mouth – Mr. Netanyahu’s Facebook post: 10389189_10152516702112076_4566527287652186214_n

My translation from what’s written on the picture: “Today I bring to the government the law of nationalism. The state of Israel is the state of nationalism (national state) for the Jewish people. It has personal equal rights for each and every citizens.
“National rights are just for the Jewish people: flag, anthem, the rights for every Jew to immigrate to this land, and other national indicators. These are vested just to our people, in our one and only country.”

Now we, Arabs, can wear these:


It suits us, right?

Check this new campaign here 

But of course we can’t say anything because of the Holocaust, and we don’t want to come off as Anti-Semitic. We just have to deal with the fact that the Jewish people are the chosen people, and they are ten time better than us, and we’re low class because we are Arabs. Thank you Israel.

Now, don’t be surprised if you hear that I got arrested, because the Israeli government has the right to arrest anyone who posts anything against the State of Israel. Harming the State of Israel in any possible way, may it be verbally or poetically, can cost you to go to jail. That’s called Self Defense, and the State of Israel has the complete (national and international) right to defend itself.


  1. Keep writing and posting. Israel would love for the world to forget their deeds and actions. They cannot be forgotten. Years ago. Someone send me the Rachel Corrie story. I post twice yearly and I push hard for human rights. One voice can create a wave of hope. We cannot allow hate to control our world. Thank you for the important information.


    1. Thank you for reading, appreciating and believing. Indeed the world should not forget, and we should always fight for justice and truth.

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      1. If we stops. The cold and heartless people will win. Cannot allow violence to be a acceptable means to solve problems.

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  2. Big not like! It’s amazing how blatant things can be sometimes and public opinion still not see it!


    1. It’s amazing how a certain nation can still believe that they are God’s chosen people and they can do whatever they want.

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  3. They should never separate or classify levels of citizens in any country. They all need to receive the same respect.


  4. The whole situation sounds hideous. We have some Jewish suburbs here in Australia, I can’t imagine what it would be like to be living so close to their self-righteous world, what was once your home.


    1. The Jews in Israel aren’t a minority and they have nothing in common with Jews around the world, nor the survivors of the Holocaust.


  5. For all the talk about shared values between Israel and the United States, democracy is sadly not one of them right now, and it will not be until Israel’s leaders are willing to recognize Palestinians as equals, not just in name, but in law.

    What’s new here? We were never first–class citizens. At least now you have said it out loud. I prefer that they tell us directly and not pretend we live in a democratic country…[where] they are self righteous and say there are equal rights

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    1. equal rights are practiced in idealistic world. We don’t live in idealistic world. Ad don’t forget that Israel is the only democracy in the middle east. The only democracy hiding under the mask of totalitarianism.


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