Promoting Cosmetics

carol's channelI don’t usually talk about cosmetics. And those who know me know how little I know of cosmetics, make up, fashion, labels and even beauty. When it comes to shopping you can usually find me in a bookstore. I hope that can change though, I truly admire beauty and fashion. Make up is after all painting on face instead of canvas. Cosmetics and fashion are both art. You’re just too shallow to admit so.

I would like to take this opportunity to promote my friend’s Youtube channel, in which she posts make up tutorials every now and then. She’s beautiful, talented and sweet. She posts tutorials for every day kind of make up. Clear, straight to the point, useful and beautiful.

Click here to check her Youtube Channel

Here for her twitter account

And here for her blog and Instagram 


  1. I agree, cosmetics and fashion are art – one that is quite close to us!


    1. I used to criticize fashion and cosmetics. About an industry that we don’t need. I’m not fashionable nor do I know anything about make up and cosmetics. But I do like to admire this art. Looking at a fashion or beauty magazine is like looking at a gallery.


  2. AWWWWW! :***** love you ❤


    1. Don’t even mention it. Love you too xx


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