Genocide and Terrorism

We’re all blessed with having different perspectives to share on various issues. But when it comes to humanity are we allowed to disagree with one another? I shared my political opinion on my blog, twitter, Tumblr and even Facebook. (Some have unfriended me on Facebook as a result of my political opinion in which I was condemning Israel for the genocide on Gaza).

I once wrote an entry on this blog criticizing the term “victory” as used by the Gazan or Hamas. But I still strongly believe that Israel was and is still a war criminal state. I shared this post “What Victory?” on twitter, because this is how social networks work: you write something and share it somewhere else. If you see my status on twitter and you just click on it to see a preview (for the first few lines), you’d only read a description of the brutal Israeli attack on Gaza. You’d have to click to read the entire post in order to read my criticism that only appears through the end.

10501652_1448008295477467_988492238782197209_nDespite my criticism, someone bothered to check my tweet (not the entire post) and asked me “Since when killing terrorists is genocide?” How should one react to this kind of question/statement? Apparently all Palestinian children and civilians in Gaza are terrorist. Have I been siding with the wrong people? And if all Palestinians/Arabs are terrorist, am I also a terrorist? Oh well, dear reader you’re reading a post that is written by a terrorist. Listen to this song please. I did reply to that tweet and it probably appeared juvenile: “I see that your claim is that every Palestinian is a terrorist. Do I look like one myself?” His reply was, as expected, “if u support hamas then defenetly yes. Do u?” Hamas is considered a terrorist organization by so many countries, and according to Israel, not only Hamas is a terrorist organization, but every Palestinian organization or freedom fighter is an absolute terrorist. A terrorist organization or not, Hamas has defined itself as a resistance movement – resisting the Israeli occupation (not the Egyptian occupation that ended in 1967). Whether I support Hamas or not is not the issue. I support justice and freedom. But let me tell you one more thing, just because Hamas is an Islamic movement you can’t compare it to ISIS, because as much as I hate religious/Islamic movement, ISIS is different.

The next thing the person who spoke to me on Twitter added: “and u aint a palastinian as there is no such . Time to face facts that you are jordanian . Occupied territories waspart of Jordan”. How do I answer this? First of all, I’m not Jordanian, and no one in the occupied territories is Jordanian. Before the 1948, it was Palestine under the British Mandate and then for 20 years it was declared as part of Jordan and then in 1967 it was occupied by Israel. Seriously people, read history, enlighten yourself.

His next comment was: “there was no state called palastine … israel doesnt claim for victory nore was interested in it … all israel wanted is not to be attacked. if u are from israel then u should have an israelian ID . if u r wrom west bank then u should have jordanian passport .somehas both”

First of all, there has always been a state that is called Palestine, it was under the British Mandate for a while, and then the Zionists came and occupied it, trying to erase it from history. They even told Jewish people that this land was empty, or people who used to live here aren’t really from here and all they wish for is to never grant the Jews (who have the right to return after thousands of year) to their homeland. First of all, even before 1948 Jews used to live here with other Arabs, speaking Arabic (Practicing Hebrew for religious purposes as well) and were also Palestinians. But now they’re considered Israelis because the state of Israel wants them to believe that being Israeli is way better than being Palestinian. download (1)

If Israel doesn’t want to be attacked? Or fought against then why more illegal Israeli settlements are being built in the west bank? And why does Israel keeps sending the IDF into the west bank and spreading terror among the Palestinians? Do you know that Hamas did not kidnap and kill the 3 Israeli youth few months ago? But Israel only blamed Hamas to start a new war? And as for the prospect of which ID do I own, does it matter? We all hold different IDs but it doesn’t really define who we are. If I had an Israeli ID I will forever remain a “filthy” Palestinian in the eyes of the Israelis.

Next tweet: “u r just another dumb muslim that think she is smart . The UN decided of a country named israel .u can agree ir not its israel . west bank was occupied on 1967 since u arabs love wars , its your nature to do wars . and gaza was controlled by egypt . So i suggest u stop your drugs or what ever and face the facts unless u love wars .”

First of all don’t assume that I’m Muslim because I’m an Arab and/or Palestinian. I stated before that Jews were also Arabs and believe it or not there are plenty of Christian Arabs too. That might seem as a shock, but yes, some Christians are Arabs too. I’m not a Muslim, I’m an Atheist. How about that? But what if I was a Muslim? Don’t I have the right to say the truth?

As for the UN, what right did the UN have giving the Zionists somebody else’s country? (watch this) I once had this argument with someone about the “right to return”, and I really find it ridiculous that after thousands of years some nation has to “return” to their land and evacuate/depopulate all other people who used to live there. This is not “returning” this is occupation and later it turns into apartheid. Love wars? Really? Is that what you have to say? Who has the invincible army? The tanks and all the weapons? And making a business out of the weapons? (Why do you think the US funds Israel? to try and test new weapons).

So many people argue that all the Arab countries want to demolish Israel. No, Arab countries don’t care, and the Palestinians only want to have their freedom and the right to return to their own lands if that is possible. Palestinians want and need to end this Israeli occupation (not kick the Israeli Jews out) and start a new democratic country for all people (not Zionist or Islamic). Ask every sane Palestinian and that what he or she would say.

The rest of the argument goes as follows:

“Him: ask the un? maybe also give the indians the usa back? U sound like a 5 years old that some one took his icecream

Me:no one said anything about getting the Jews out now. How about givingthe Palestinian refugees the right to return to their land and stop the apartheid regime

Him: how about giving the indians their home back?

Me: how about living in one democratic country, all of us in peace? Not an only Jewish country. One country for everyone.

Him: so 1.5 mil israelian arabs dont live in democracy?

Me: no one lives in democracy here. It’s a Racist country. and people in the west bank and gaza dont have their freedom.

Him: westbank is not israel . Whats your facts that israel is racist? and gaza will never get their freedom if they continue their fight

Me:so many arabs are treated like inferiors. They dont get all their rights, etc. And Israel is controlling the WB. people in Gaza want their freedom and israel will never give it to them, that’s why they’re fighting.

Him: not sure where u get that info from. Many muslims has stores in israel . There is muslims police men and even judges .”

I ended the argument with suggesting to dedicate a post on my blog for him. And this is what I’m doing now. That’s fair, right?

I’m not saying that the Jewish people should be kicked out of this country, they already live here. That would be doing what the Israelis have done in 1948 to many Palestinian families. I was merely suggesting one democratic country for all. For everyone, Palestinians and Jews. The Israeli army controls the West Bank whereas Gaza is an open air prison. People have no freedom and cannot leave unless they get a permission to do so. They’re all being oppressed and mistreated by the Israeli army. Read this too, you might find it interesting.

As for democracy, how can it be a democracy if it’s a Jewish state? And yes, the Arabs (Muslims, Druze, and Christians) have certain rights if they are citizens in Israel. And some of them even have a good status. But discrimination against them has and will always be there. Do you know how many times an “Israeli Arab” has been rejected in the Academy or employment just because he or she is not Jewish? Do you know how many Arabs were assaulted by Jews just because they were found speaking Arabic? If you’re an Israeli living in Israel and you don’t see such racism that’s probably because you don’t meet many Arabs to deal with or because your community does not promote racism, or maybe you just live in denial. Some Palestinian who live in Israel serve theIDF because they think this country will protect them and by serving the army they will get their rights in the country. That’s just bullshit, because after they finish their service they will remain Arabs. “Once an Arab, always an Arab.” And besides they did nothing but fight against their own people (might even be their relatives in Gaza or the West Bank).

You might find the following videos interesting too:

Palestine 1896

An Israeli Soldier’s story – Eran Efrati

Miko Peled – Author of The General’s Son: a Journey of An Israeli in Palestine

and this: How I became a Self-Hating Jew.

Thank you for reading. I’m open for discussion down below if needed.


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  2. Political violence can include intra-state or inter-state actions. Flanigan and Fogelman described domestic political violence as coups, rebellions, civil wars, political assassinations, major rioting, etc. However, political violence also encompasses genocide, mass killings, protests, terrorism and other forms of direct action. Violence is a form of direct political action used by individuals and governments in an attempt to achieve a political goal; both genocide and terrorism fall under this category.

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    1. Thank you for the information my friend. Israelis believe that Palestinians are all terrorists therefore what happened recently in Gaza was not genocide. Terrorism means: “The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.” and maybe that definition doesn’t make violent Palestinians appear innocent. But when we’re talking about the reasons for spreading this kind of violence and spreading terror, we have no one to blame but the State of Israel.


  3. Islam is the religion of all the prophets and messengers from Adam to Muhammad. All prophets came with one and the same message, i.e. to worship God (Allah) alone and not to associate others with Him.

    All the followers of previous prophets who worshipped God and admitted His Oneness are considered Muslims.

    Islam calls the Christians and the Jews Ahl al-kitab (People of the Book), i.e. the followers of the scriptures of their prophets; Moses and Jesus (peace be upon them all).

    Throughout the Muslim history, Muslims had good relations with people of other faith communities. It was the non-Muslims who started attacking Muslims and drove them out of their countries.

    No one can claim that Muslims should hate the Christians and the Jews. Muslims are urged to have good relations with people of other faith communities. Islam is about religious tolerance and accepting the other.

    With regard to the verse you quoted in your question, it has a specific context in which it was revealed. It is reported that the King of Abyssinia, the Negus, sent a delegation to see the Prophet’s manners and characteristics. The Prophet recited some Quranic verses to them and the tears started coming out from their eyes.

    The Prophet is reminded of the fact that it was the Jews who broke their treaties with Muslims and plotted against them.

    Scholars maintain that the Jews do not accept the truth and they follow their egos. They even claim that they are the chosen people of God. Because they do not accept the truth, they killed some of the prophets sent to them. They even tried to kill Prophet Muhammad on several occasions.

    The Jews also changed the words of their scriptures and distorted the message they received from God. For these reasons, they are described as the most hostile to the believers. This feeling of being hostile to the believers is also shared by those who associate others with God, i.e. disbelievers.

    On the contrary, the Christians usually accept the truth and when the Quran is recited to them their eyes overflow with tears because they recognize the Truth in it, as Allah mentioned in the Quran what is translated as:

    {And when they (who call themselves Christians) listen to what has been sent down to the Messenger, you see their eyes overflowing with tears because of the truth they have recognized. They say: “Our Lord! We believe; so write us down among the witnesses.} (Al-Maeda, 5:83)

    Again the verse is talking about a certain category of the Christians with specific characteristics. Therefore, generalization is not recommended.

    When some of the Jewish prisoners of war accepted Islam, they were welcomed in the Muslim community and they were treated in the best manners

    The general principle is that Muslims should deal kindly and justly with all people even non-Muslims. We read in the Quran what gives the meaning of:

    {He does not forbid you to deal kindly and justly with anyone who has not fought you for your faith or driven you out of your homes…} (Al-Mumtahinah 60:8)

    The Quran details the purpose of creating people from males and females in the following words:

    {O people, We have created you from a male and a female and made you into races and tribes so that you may know each other…} (Al-Hujurat 49:13)

    The address is given here to all people and not only Muslims. All people of different backgrounds should work together towards a healthy society in which all members live in peace.

    There is no reason for Muslims to hate the Jews and Christians. The Quran calls the People of the Book to come to a common word, that they and the Muslims worship God alone and do not associate partners with Him. (Aal-Imran 3:64)

    Once Muslims, Christians and Jews come to a common word, they will recognize that they are friends and brothers in humanity.

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    1. That’s an open minded reply. Thank you for your thoughts and enlightenment. Through out my history studies at school I came to learn that the Islamic country, when it was founded, was different from the Islamic country nowadays. Now we speak of hate and racism, back then there was tolerance and acceptance.
      I’m an atheist, I don’t believe in religions or even God. It bothers so many people, but I do believe in humanity, acceptance, tolerance, love, freedom and goodness. I don’t worship anything and that’s who I am, I can’t change that.
      I like what you said and I hope more people read to get a very good and clear picture about the Islamic religion, as opposed to what they see in the media. I’m not saying that they should like it or agree with it, but to accept it and not claim that every Muslim is a terrorist.
      Thank you again for what you wrote.


  4. You seem to have a lot more patience than me to try to explain all this. (There are none so blind as those that will not see.)
    Here in Europe the press is still biased but we get a somewhat better picture. Unfortunately in the US only those who actively seek the truth (via travel or web) have much of an idea of what’s actually happening in the world. American media reports tend to seem ridiculous to most of the world, but for those who never knew anything different than the overwhelming propaganda it must be very hard to reconcile reality to what they’ve been taught from childhood. So sad

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    1. Problem is every Israeli Jew in Israel is biased. Every time I try to talk sense out of the Israeli Jews I realize that I’ just wasting my time, because they can’t be open minded or understand what’s going on. They’re only familiar with one side and can’t ever learn to accept that there’s a different perspective to what they grew up to believe.
      I don’t know if I should give up already.
      I sent this post to that person on twitter, he said that Palestinians are barbaric and they keep attacking Jews. And then he said that I can’t be an atheist because I’m an Arab. And then he said that I should go read the Bible (Which I have read. I was a Christian before I became an Atheist) in which it’s mentioned that God promised Israel for them, where as in the Quran there was no Palestine. So I believe I can’t talk sense to that person anymore. I gave up.

      P.S. I think you might find this interesting:

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      1. Wow thanks! I checked out the link and it was excellent. I’ve been quite confused about the roles of Hamas and ISIS and this makes it very clear and simple to understand.
        Please don’t get discouraged about posting. Not everyone will listen (that’s for sure!) but some will. Some are set in their minds and will never receive the truth if it goes against their personal beliefs/agendas but some just never heard what was really happening. Here in London there is a lot of support for Palestine among the common people and even some of my American friends post, post after post in support of Palestinians. It’s just sometimes the more belligerent types hang out with a big megaphone while the more reasonable, thinking souls tend to be more quiet.

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        1. I wish I was one of those people hanging out with megaphones, but I know I’m a coward. The only place I can speak is here on this blog.
          I’m very glad too many people abroad support Palestine. Knowing that makes the world appear better.
          A friend of mine once took part in a demonstration for the political prisoners, she was shot in the head. She miraculously survived after weeks in a coma. It’s very dangerous to demonstrate here. There’s no actual freedom.

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