What victory?

The soldiers are gone. The genocide has stopped. 

Thousands are injured and killed.

It was one of those massacres that some might forget with time. 

Ah, time, it plays a a significant role here, doesn’t it?

In time it will be fine, in time there will be peace, time will heal our wounds, in time…

Thousands are injured and killed. Time had nothing to do with it. Time only stood as a guard there at your gates and welcomed each soldier in and then wished them “peace” on their way out. 

Thousands are injured and killed. It was a massacre. Time here will have to remember, but it might not.

Now you call it a victory. Because even though thousands are injured and killed, it’s a victory. In every war there’s a victory and a defeat, and you chose to be the ones to have the victory. You thought you gained “some rights” and now you call it a triumph. 

Is that what you dream of? Victory over freedom and peace? victory over existence and human rights? 

Is it a victory to die in war and lose your home and family? 



  1. […] once wrote an entry on this blog criticizing the term “victory” as used by the Gazan or Hamas. But I still strongly believe that […]


  2. Yes, time comes too late for many, it’s always been that way. Protests and petitions come to naught when force is the only reply and bullies club together. I can say nothing, do nothing, only join the tears and pray. Only love will ever stop man’s inhumanity to man and where pride, hate and fear are strong there is sparse soil for sowing.

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    1. Who said we can’t do anything. We can always protest and/or spread awareness. Awarenss is important, espeically in this situation. The situation in Israel-Palestine is tricky and there are so many people all over the world that don’t know the actual truth. Israel is given the power by the west to demolish, murder and colonolize the place. And yet it has the right to defend itself.
      “War is Peace
      Freedom is slavery
      and Ignorance is strenght” that’s the reality we live in.


  3. It is a sad world we live in my dear friend…a world where we can learn much more from children than they can learn from us.


    1. It is indeed a sad world. But unfortunately if we don’t teach children the actual freedom they will remain and grow to be limited in freedom of thought (for the very least).


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